Saturday, August 20, 2016

I'm standing over here with Kathy Nida

or..."Why I am cancelling my membership to AQS and going to spend it at SPOOL!"

In light of the recent fiasco of AQS pulling both of Kathy Nida's quilts from the SAQA exhibition of People and Portraits currently on display, I have cancelled my membership to AQS.  *my cancellation email to them is below for those interested*

For those who may not know; Kathy Nida's quilt (and here I've cut & pasted from her blog and have linked it back so you can read the whole thing) 

Kathy Nida 72

Yes; you read that correctly.  AQS pulled her quilt without her knowledge btw; because A SINGLE PERSON complained that it had a penis in it.  WHICH IT DOESN'T .  And while that is bad form in and of itself, it's not truly the disaster that AQS has wrought.  

The issue of course, is Censorship. 

  For those who may not know how exhibits work;  They quilt artist submits their quilts to the exhibition judges.  Either they are chosen or released.  The Exhibition coordinator will then submit the entire group to various venues to seek acceptance in their show(s).  So that's two sets of judges that saw and approved the individual quilts first, then the collection.   Now we go to the show opening.  All the quilts are hung and ready for viewing. 

The show opens and viewers pay their admission and begin to stroll the isles. Enter: **Miss Nanny Fandergast.  She strolls by the exhibit and pauses a moment to view I Was Not Wearing A Life Jacket.   She immediately seeks out show officials and complains that she has been offended by the penis in the quilt.  The show officials obviously cowed by Miss Fandergast's remonstrations remove the quilt from the show.  Then, because this already isn't a giant public cluster...they decide to remove her second quilt as well.  (Presumably as the second quilt would be lonely and cry and wail for her sister quilt and thus upset further Fandergasts who might be in attendance) . Without a word to anyone.  Seriously.  AQS has yet to address this issue; what their thought or reasoning was.  They have been inundated by artists on social media and they have chosen to remain silent.  Not one public announcement standing by their decision or giving it second thought.  Nothing. Disgraceful.

If all this isn't horrifying enough; consider: SAQA allowed this action. In my opinion they tossed Kathy right under that bus.  I'm astonished at this given SAQA's more progressive stance.  

Some have suggested that SAQA pull the entire exhibit in support of Kathy.  And Kathy for her part, does she get all up in SAQA's face and pull a Trump?  NO; in her own eloquent words she stands up for the quilt artist community as a whole:

And so there you have it.  I'm taking my membership dues and spending them at SPOOL.  

I'm proud today to say I'm an art quilter. As an Art Quilter, I stand in support of Kathy and against Censorship. 

I wish with all my heart there were more venues out there that accepted the challenge (and rewards) of showcasing art quilts that deal with all sides of life; not just the politically correct ones. 

For all those who want and DO create art with themes that don't play well with others, you are my tribe.  Let's all get together and rock this damn boat! 

Membership Department:

In light of your recent act of censorship  to pull two art quilts from display based on an erroneous allegation of one person, I am hereby cancelling my membership with immediate effect. Please refund my membership fees prorated from this day to the end of my term. (August 2017)
It pains me to do this however, I cannot support an organisation that will engage in such blatant acts of disregard and censorship against the very individuals that their business is for! Appalling behavior I say! Inexcusable.
With respect
Stacy Hurt

**madey upy name


  1. Well said!!!! I saw where Pokey (former QA editor) also had a good post of this issue. For heaven sakes...a penis! REALLY! I think that person has her head in the gutter!!! I don't see it on this quilt at all and I've seen several different pictures of it. Such a shame! Yes, let's ROCK THAT BOAT!!!