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Christmas Tree Quick Tutorial

Quick Steps to recreate some trees of your very own!

prepare your base with your favorite fusible. I used mistyfuse but heat and bond works well also.
Open your scrap box or bag and DON'T OVERTHINK IT grab, snip and place.

Get ready to free motion quilt once you have ironed your pieces to the backing. Drop those feed dogs and go.go.go.!

I prefer aurifil thread as it won't break when I'm going really fast. 

press your piece from the back when done stitching.  Decide how tall you want your trees. I wanted lots of shapes so I used my ruler & made some quick shapes onto the backing of an old calendar. I just trace them onto the fabric

You will need two each, front & back.  

Then pair them up; and zig zag edges closed, leaving bottom open.
You can stuff them, then zig zag bottom closed leaving the small hole for the dowel. 
I'm not putting instructions for dowel & base.  I went to Michaels & got dowels and drilled the blocks with the hole to match.  My frien…

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