Artist Warrior Update

How do you handle fear?

Do you ever get to that place in a piece where you know that it's all good so far & if you try this one thing; and it goes badly it will be unalterable and you will have ruined it? I hadn't planned on painting in the eyes but I wanted to add some color to give them more presence. I knew once I applied the paint, that would be it. But that type of fear is just what my Artist Warrior is good at fending off. The fear never goes away entirely, but she's good at saying:

"So what??? If you don't risk; you gain nothing... no experience, no joy and more importantly NO SUCCESS!
And what have you lost? NOTHING!
You've spent time in your sewing room with your favorite music playing: you are not at your 'day job': you are playing with fabric and your sewing machine & all the shiny things that you adore! You've stared at your thread wall and changed your mind a dozen times on which color, which texture, which line you want to follow and been super pleased with what you DID choose! Oh ya, that's SO horrible isn't it? So be quiet; get the paint out; dip it lightly, play on a practice scrap; and then? "JUST DO IT!"

So I did.

And I'm happy with the results. Sure, there are things I would do differently next time but what I learned was that you can paint lightly then add if necessary. You can add tiny amounts of other color to pick up a different element in the work. If you mix your very fine eye make up glitter with fabric medium, it sticks to fabric and won't flake off to everywhere else! If you take a waterproof black pen, you can add tiny lines and if you add enough, they make a lovely shadow effect AND you can add tiny fine lines on the painted part that give a wonderful depth dimension too! Eyes are fun!

Artist Warrior = 1
Fear = fugeedaboudit!


  1. Stacy, it turned about GORGEOUS! I liked it before you painted the eyes but I really love it with the eyes painted! So, so beautiful!

  2. Stacy, This is perfect. I love the composition, the eyes, hair, ...And the lettering is fantastic. You made the right jump!
    Stacy in Miami

  3. i really like how the red hair ends up looking like the nose and her body the mouth.

    really awesome

  4. Stacy, it is simply stunning. The eyes made me breathless.

  5. Great result! And kuddos for facing and defeating fear.

  6. Great results, great attitude, great teachable moment!


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