Project Completed

 Wish I could say this was a small easy project to do.
I got very lucky that the material & the stone went so well they look like they were made
for each other.
 but anytime you do something for the first time it gets complicated
My favorite area is the circles in the upper right corner & .15 seed beads. 
 I liked doing the hand stitching, couching that fancy yarn and the beading.
Putting it together, 'floating' it in the shadowbox on the foam core I had to cut & place and sealing it up were not the most fun part.  The shadowbox is 8" x 8".  


  1. Now that is fabulishious! I LOVE it!
    Our pictures arrived! Thanks so much for sending me 4! WOW! And I LOVE them all! Now I need to frame them.
    Nellie's Mom

  2. It turned out wonderful, Stacy. You pay such attention to details.

  3. This was wonderful to see in person.


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