Super Secret Project complete

A very dear online friend  lost her beloved cat Ms. Admiral a while back.  I wanted to do something special for her so I 'stole' many shots off her blog & printed them off on silk.  I then set them in lovely, rich florals.   

Here is a shot of Ms. Admiral enjoying her CatNip quilt from 'Her Hero' Ms. Stella O'Houligan. 

Here is the quilt I made & sent to Carole.

 The photo below is my favorite of Ms. Admiral. 
She was so lovely
 the solids are the Japanese fabrics I talked about in the previous post.
Ms. Admirals photo below is the largest one.  It is the full 8 1/2" x 11" size.
 I stitched Mo Chroi (which is My Heart in Irish).  I had fun free motion quilting in all the flowers and lillies of the valley (remembrance)

I had fun placing the bird pieces. 

And the back:

 This was her blog header.  Isn't it just darling!
 It was challenging to piece it all together but ultimately fun and I think all the images worked well. 
* the silk sheets were backed with fusible interfacing prior to piecing with the cottons.


  1. I and Angel Admiral are deeply grateful and always will be. As her mom, I have had tears running since I opened this package and saw this work of art. I feel such gratitude I have a difficult time finding the words to express it.

    Much love and thank you always,

    Carole and Angel Admiral and Katie Isabella.

  2. Absolutely astonishing! Stacy! You Rock! and I am weeping!
    Nellie's Mommy

  3. That is stunning. M is not very good at sewing, so she can't even imagine how you print pictures on silk. You are one talented human and M wishes she had half your talent. It is the most beautiful quilt we have ever seen. A true work of original art!

  4. This is just lovely! Thank you for making this for Carole!

  5. This is a true work of love and Art.. such talent you bring to life in your work. I love the whole look of it. Gorgeous patterns and materials. I really am just awestruck at it's beauty. Thanks from one of Carole cyber was such a loving gesture. That is worthy of any art museum a beautiful wall hanging it would make too. Appreciating your work.. :-)

  6. What a wonderful wonderful work of art. The way you incorporated the photos printed on silk is really lovely.

  7. It´s a very beutiful gift you made for Admiral´s mom <3

  8. It is a very beautiful quilt indeed and a wonderful memorial :)

  9. The quilt is just darling! You are so sweet to make it :) We know our furiend Katie Isabella is happy! purrrrs xoxo

  10. A work of art and a loving, thoughtful gift. (directed here from Katie's blog)

  11. Wow! What a lovely quilt and a sweet present!!!

  12. Stacy, it is so beautiful! And all the photos are so well chosen. Love the one with Ms. Admiral licking her lips with her tongue out as she watches the fabric bird!
    It's a wonderful work of art and a timeless keepsake for Carole.Such a loving gesture.

  13. What a beautiful work. You are, without doubt, the most empathetic friend. You seem to KNOW what people need. Your talent is off the charts. Riley and I sat and looked and then looked some more. I swear, I heard him try to purrrrrrrrrrr!


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