Oven mitts and Potholders

Had some fun over Thanksgiving making some new oven mitts and potholders for myself.
They are not as easy as one would think, but they turned out really cute with the Riley Blake fabrics.

I posted them on facebook and go such a great response (and an order) so I made some extras and put them up on my Etsy.

 They are all fully insulated and double batted and work great! 
I think they would make a darling addition to any kitchen or foodie gift basket
(of which I am making one for a friend)

They are a FABULOUS way of using up all your scrap batting!
There are many tutorial's online for these but if you prefer I can include the steps so let me know.
Happy Sewing! (and cooking)


  1. Stacy, This is your old pal Rosemary
    I love your projects
    I have been so busy and hope to have my old life back soon
    Love ya dear


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