What I've been making; Bed Quilts

Sometimes I just get a wild hair and then I realize that I need to start making quilts out of all this fun fabric I've been stashing from MQG shows.  
This pattern is from Missouri Star Quilt called 'Good Night Irene' I think.  The tutorial was very fun.
It was fiddly at first making all the four patches but I love how all the colors play together nicely.  There are cats, birds, and modern designs. 

This one is a jelly roll quilt. Moda Zen Chic. I am making this for my Etsy store so need to get it quilted soon.   

This pattern is from Sunday Morning Quilts.  There should be 10" worth of 'wonky' strips horizontal then one bar that is vertical.   

I chose a color palette that is subdued and more ethereal.  There is a lot of text fabric; and some soft blues and greens.   It was fun to do this.  It makes me think of a charm quilt and I love looking at it~  I was just going to make this a duvet cover it's so big but seeing all this busy on my bed might not work for me. 
a better wall shot of the wonky horizontal sections.  


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