Best Of Dinner@8 Acceptance!

*huge sigh!*

So relieved and thrilled to be happy email of acceptance this morning. 


Theme: Edges


Statement: On the edge between extinction and evolution we are all members of the family Asteraceae. Living where we can; waking with the dawn and casting our seeds to the wind.

Year Completed:2018

Colors:Yellow, Green, Violet, Beige, Coral

Hand-Quilted, Hand-Embroidered, Hand-Embellished, Machine-Pieced, Machine-Appliqued, Machine-Quilted, Painted, hand calligraphy letter blocks

Materials:hand painted double gauze cotton. commercial cottons. tulle

Design Inspiration:the common dandylion

*from someone who always feel like a common straggly weed in a garden of long stemmed perfect roses*


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