Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small things

Had fun making this for my friend Vickie.  It was great to clean out my button collection after the great sewing room move/purge. 
You can see here how I made the eyes.  They were from Tim Holtz fabric; the moth wing dots became the eyes.   
I did this watercolor card for my boss.  My co-worker and I went in together and got her fresh flowers each month for six months (for Christmas gift).  She really loved them.  
Here's a shot of the first arrangement for December


Friday, October 10, 2014

Bag It!

This new fabric with the cats & birds really inspired me.  I made six bags in this new collection.
Perfect timing for the fall celebrations!
The first bag features a stuffed little dead bird hanging off the front.
These two styles below are 10" x 10".  A nice grab and go style that won't weigh you down!

 Love this Raven fabric too!  Only one of this bag left!

 This is a large 13" x 13" bag and very fun!
 This collection has this lining
Happy Halloweenie!