Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prayer Flag #6; Family

Created this for a friends birthday on Tuesday. 
She loves birds too. 

Originally I was going to use my scrabble letters for the word but it was just too top heavy so I just stitched it. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax' label

Here is the final shot of the quilt label.   I used my gel pens for the color.  The black is a black extra fine fabric marker. 

I decided to mimic the font and style of the Seussian canon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax' for a baby quilt

How I learned about the charm and pitfalls of sewing Ric-rac on a quilt

I don't often get the chance to make a baby quilt, so when the opportunity arose I went to the quilt store and found more darling fabrics for baby quilts that I could ever hope to dream about.  
  Since this is for a boy I chose Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax'.
Naturally, after I brought the single yard  home and cut apart all the 'pages' I was instantly stumped on how I wanted to piece them all back together.  I decided on clean, primary colors for the sashing.  Of course, after I sewed all the red sashing on I went online to look at quilting motifs and found a way cooler idea online than what I had done, but it would have needed more money & more fabric there ya go.  

I don't do a lot of pieced quilts.  My biggest mistake here was sewing the Ric-rac down after I had pieced the pages with the red sashing but before I had sandwiched it and backed it and quilted it.  dumb.dumb.dumb.   The Ric-rac is quite big and stiff and it pulled every seam of the thinner fabrics underneath.  If I would have stitched it on to the quilt sandwich I believe the sandwich itself would have provided the needed stability to secure such coarse embellishment.  
Lesson learned.

I didn't want to just meander stipple the whole piece, nor did I want to individually stitch each page and  I couldn't really do that given that I had already stitched down the Ric-rac (with rainbow isacord). 
I ended up just going with a mirror ric rac for the inside of the pages.  The red sashing is free motion quilted in a design that matches the Seuesian tree shapes.
Free motion quilting in between the 'bumpers' of Ric-rac was challenging. again. dumb.dumb.dumb.

Where the Ric-rac ends met I was going to sew on giant primary colored buttons.  I decided that for a baby quilt the felted buttons were a better choice.  Those were fun to use and could be stitched right down with my free-motion foot!

Here's a shot of the lower third of the back and the label:
 Serendipity gave me a nicely framed area left by the story page on the other side.  The added button was fun to echo the buttons on the front. 
Tomorrow will get the calligraphy stuff out and enter the info.  

Any advice about using Ric-rac are appreciated! 
Thanks for looking.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Burning Man Gift process

I started out with these tickets to Burning Man.  I long admired the artwork and wanted to 
do something special with them.  

I scanned them in and printed them on cotton fabric sheets.

Then I applied the cotton sheets to a fusible.  I cut them up and laid them out in a frame design.

I am very happy with how they turned out.  Originally I was going to put the stone (which belonged to the person who had owned the tickets) in an open square as in the previous project but after playing with the design, decided against it.  
I really wanted to learn how to use the peyote stitch to cage the cabochon. 
The person who owned the tickets & stone that was a necklace he wore nearly always.  He passed away 5 years ago now.  The recipients of the gift are mutual friends who also attend the Burning Man event as Rangers.

I placed the stone using a dot of Aileen's Tacky Glue.  Mainly because I didn't want to wait the 24 hours for the E6000 to set when I was going to secure the stone using the peyote stitch.

The black is a sheer that has small chips of silver and holographic dots.  It very much resembles the desert night sky.  If you enlarge the photo below you can see the effect better.  I was thrilled to learn this stitch and even though I had to improvise given the addition of the teardrops.  It is very important that you have even numbers when doing the stitch and mine were off but I was able to fiddle with it and complete the shell.

You can see in the angled shot that there are tiny gaps. But the overall effect was achieved.
I really enjoyed doing this and already have another project with some larger stones in mind. 

I decided to use the etched lines in the stone and accent them with silver beads.  Below is an extreme close up and you can see the fuzz still before I used tape to clean it off. LOL

I added some holographic hand stitches radiating from the stone outward. for more fun.
I also added a second row of the tear drop shapes in a different color to join the colors of the tickets with the stone.

I plan on attaching this to a canvas for hanging.
I learned a lot and knowing how to do this stitch now opens up a lot of possibilities for more beading!

I've got some quilted commissions to finish up this week so I'd better get busy.  It was a wonderful Labor Day holiday to sit and bead!

Hope yours was fun too!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Project Completed

 Wish I could say this was a small easy project to do.
I got very lucky that the material & the stone went so well they look like they were made
for each other.
 but anytime you do something for the first time it gets complicated
My favorite area is the circles in the upper right corner & .15 seed beads. 
 I liked doing the hand stitching, couching that fancy yarn and the beading.
Putting it together, 'floating' it in the shadowbox on the foam core I had to cut & place and sealing it up were not the most fun part.  The shadowbox is 8" x 8".