Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Faces You'll See at the Muck!

Did these birds this weekend; I like the way they turned out. Making more now.

Come out and see us at the Muck! If you can't make it but would like to order leave a comment with what you'd like. I can send pix of what I have & you can choose! I'll be posting them up on Etsy later in the month. They are $6.00 each or 3 for $15.00. They come on cardstock with envelopes but are quite suitable for framing!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fine Arts & Crafts Faire at the Muckenthaler

Sunday, Dec 20th from Noon-5pm; Fine Arts & Craft Faire at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center's Annual Holiday Festival; Peggy Calvert, Cindy Cooksey, Jamie Fingal, Terry Waldron, and I will be selling our work at this show. Vendor booths, art exhibits, children’s art activities, music and dance performances, and tours of the facility on the 8.5 acre grounds of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, an historic 1924 estate and cultural center. This event draws about a thousand people each year. Admission is free. 1201 West Malvern Avenue, Fullerton. 'The Muck'

I will have notecards, small art quilts, & hand knit scarves. Mark your calendar if you are in the area.

Also, remember that Muckenthaler also has an art quilt exhibit at the same time which includes one of my largest works 'Children of Lir'. That exhibit continues until December 31.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ever have one of those ideas?

In your head; the kind that start with a sort of 'oh!' then you go to your stash (pushing aside the myriad other projects in process and find EXACTLY what you had in mind for this idea? You go to your design table & quickly sketch out what's in your head & it's identical to what was in your mind right off? You then begin constructing the top and it flows together without issue. You didn't even do math & yet you have exactly enough squares in different sizes. It's all fuseable and you lay it right down on your batting. Oh, and the batting; you just pull a piece from your closet & it fits perfectly! You get your backing fabric and the entire piece is done (relatively) in a matter of HOURS?

And I KNOW I have more ideas of this style coming... I feel the seeds of a series... I drew the Poppies on, then machine stitched in black. To add depth; I used a grey water color pencil (by wetting the brush first, putting the brush on the pencil tip to get color, then applying it to the fabric). I found that if I heat set it right away the color faded, so I applied the color & let it dry by itself first. Then heat set it and the color stayed. I used my Stadtler water color pencils. (well, just the grey one).

I'm glad I did this last Sunday as by Monday all heck broke loose. Two of my cats came down with urinary tract infections. One is my Bengal Foster kitty, Jenga. Hers turned out to be bladder stones (ouch!) and when Bengal rescue didn't have the funds for the $800 surgery, I set to fundraising. (Well, it was that or euthanasia.) You can read that story here. It's been going fantastically & I've even sold some quilts off my ETSY shop as a result of folks stopping by to donate for Jenga! Whoot!

I can't wait to get back to working on this piece.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Running Memory Quilt

My Friend Rich is a runner. He asked me to make a quilt for him of all his bibs & some tshirts. It was fun to do. I scanned all his bibs in, then printed them on fabric sheets. The final quilt measured 4' x 6'.

This is the back, Rich loves to run at the beach so I put my favorite dolphin fabric on there. There were some plain bibs left that I put on the back also. You'll note the last square of fabric at the bottom is all junk food as Rich likes to have 'Bad Food Friday's' when he's celebrating.

I admire my friend Rich for running and staying with it. Running is hard! My favorite Bib said,

Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy to report that my piece 'Zed' aka 'motherboard' was on display at PIQF! Sadly, the only good photos I had of the piece have been eaten. My friend Cindy Cooksey was there and took this photo! The shots below are clearer on the details.

These were WIP shots of the detail. I had such fun quilting this can you tell?!

The inital 'E' for Ellen and her princess crown.

My Initial 'S' sit's atop the Z with a more formal type crown.

That fuchia silk was is to die for! This quilt was for a challenge called 'Unfettered letters' in which you had to include either text or letters on your quilt somewhere. As I had just finished a piece with lots of text; I opted for a single letter.

It was interesting creating a background that was all geometric then adding the more organic shapes with some of the quilting lines. I believe these quilts were all the same size 28" x 38" but am not 100%.

The cotton/sateen background is from 'Hand Dyed Fabrics'. They always have a booth at Long Beach & I LOVE their stuff!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lark 500 Art Quilts!

Selected my quilt "Don't Say Goodbye". I'm so stoked I can hardly believe it! I can't wait to get my copy due out in Spring 2010 to see all the quilts. They received over 2000 entries. I am amazed they were able to jury down to only 500! I so humbled by the company I'm in.

This is the backing fabric by Alexander Henry. The quilt was machine quilted entirely from the back. In order to change thread colors I had to first outline from the front, the area that I was going to quilt in so I would know when to stop with that color.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Artist Reception at the Muckenthaler!

My 'Children of Lir' Quilt. (52" H x 48" W.)
The exhibit was hung beautifully! Many thanks to the Matt Leslie & his crew. The Muckenthaler is an old mansion in Fullerton, CA that has been redone into a museum. The artists reception was today from 12-3 and there were lots of folks in attendance! So much fun to look at beautiful art quilts, nosh & chat with everyone.

Our exhibit "Contemporary Quilts" will be open until December 31st. I'll post pictures of my quilt when I get them. (sadly, I forgot my camera & Peggy Calvert was kind enough to photo my quilt for me)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fabric Cards Finished!

I'd like to thank all the great artists who gave their creative and wonderful advice thru both personal emails & the QuiltArt list! You are all the best! Here's the final cards; there will be two in a pack. They are sized 5 x 7. I simply ran out of time as I didn't realize how time consuming this little project was or I would have created a matted & framed one to sit along side the card display. That was a great idea from Delores Hamilton!

So, without further adieu; the final two cards:

Many of you suggested adding a color wash so I got out my inktense pencils & added some color.

I didn't color this one but used rainbow thread to encircle the flower. As I said; I simply ran out of time. I'll know better next time.

Again, Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment! I so appreciated all your help & will post an update after the show!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is fun!

I've taken one of my sketches from my sketchbook. I particularly like this one even with all the mistakes.

Then I decided to resize it to 4x6 and do some image transfers onto fabric sheets. I have a gallery show coming up and wanted to make some fiber cards to sell. I had originally printed out images of some of my quilts and while I liked them, they didn't fall into what the gallery owner wanted. So, moved onto these. There will be 3 5x7 cards in a pack. Two of this design and one other that I haven't uploaded yet.

Here's a shot of the resized images:

Final: I'm thinking it needs more... any ideas???

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Artist Warrior Update

How do you handle fear?

Do you ever get to that place in a piece where you know that it's all good so far & if you try this one thing; and it goes badly it will be unalterable and you will have ruined it? I hadn't planned on painting in the eyes but I wanted to add some color to give them more presence. I knew once I applied the paint, that would be it. But that type of fear is just what my Artist Warrior is good at fending off. The fear never goes away entirely, but she's good at saying:

"So what??? If you don't risk; you gain nothing... no experience, no joy and more importantly NO SUCCESS!
And what have you lost? NOTHING!
You've spent time in your sewing room with your favorite music playing: you are not at your 'day job': you are playing with fabric and your sewing machine & all the shiny things that you adore! You've stared at your thread wall and changed your mind a dozen times on which color, which texture, which line you want to follow and been super pleased with what you DID choose! Oh ya, that's SO horrible isn't it? So be quiet; get the paint out; dip it lightly, play on a practice scrap; and then? "JUST DO IT!"

So I did.

And I'm happy with the results. Sure, there are things I would do differently next time but what I learned was that you can paint lightly then add if necessary. You can add tiny amounts of other color to pick up a different element in the work. If you mix your very fine eye make up glitter with fabric medium, it sticks to fabric and won't flake off to everywhere else! If you take a waterproof black pen, you can add tiny lines and if you add enough, they make a lovely shadow effect AND you can add tiny fine lines on the painted part that give a wonderful depth dimension too! Eyes are fun!

Artist Warrior = 1
Fear = fugeedaboudit!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Work in Progress

On an inspirational site I read called Blisschick Christine was sharing insights as to how to deal with the sometimes negative chatter that goes on in the mind of the artist. To combat that chatter she called it getting your 'Artist Warrior' on. The idea so captivated me I immediately went home, cleared the design table & attempted to create what I imagined my 'Artist Warrior' would look like. A few drawings later, I had it. I put 'her' down, had the hair, staff, Raven guide, robe. But what was I looking at in the night sky?

I had to make it night sky because the only fabric I had that played well with the bright robe & hair was a darker fabric. But the trouble was then trying to imbue light back into the scene. Originally there was going to be a bright star. And that's where the work stopped. Labor Day weekend.

Sadly, we lost our youngest cat; you can read that account here and so after a couple weeks of tears and having the Artist Warrior on my design wall waiting; I found the perfect thing to be reflecting on in the night sky. Coco's eyes. This is still a work in progress as evidenced by the pins showing; there will be tulle added, beading and more quilting certainly. But it's off to a good start. It's a personal piece; not for a show or gallery necessarily, but just because I was so captivated by the idea I had to make it/her/me. What fun!

The calligraphy is in Irish and reads, 'Strength; Love and Honor'.

Any comments are appreciated!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

All done!

This piece is for a challenge with one of my local art groups. The theme is Archaeology.

Specs: 28" W x 38" H. Vertical Orientation
*This is actually a prototype for a quilt that will be nearly 50" x 50"*

Title: 'Among the Runes'

This piece explores symbols and letters used by civilizations from past to present. The backdrop is side of a rock face or petroglyph cave. On the top and bottom there are Runes; most ancient of all lettering. Next, a layer with the symbols of alchemy; there are seven representing base metals (gold; silver; mercury; lead; copper; iron; tin).

Ancient Japanese Kangi symbols representing 'Magic Spell': the Celtic treskle; Egyptian Eye of Horus; Native American symbol for wisdom and Fibonacci's spiral are scattered throughout.

In the very center; we've traveled through the past to 'uncover and view' the present. Upon closer inspection; the bright turquoise silk strips have binary code written upon them; representing the language of our modern world.

What was interesting was making the two quilts; the top layer and the 'inside layer' had to be put together in tandem to get the colors; placement, etc. to work together. Then the moment of truth came; cutting that top layer open! The 'inside layer' was then placed in back; it is only pinned at this point. The backing fabric is an aboriginal print with snakes (who frequent caves and dark forgotten worlds).

Silk charmuse; organza; discharged silks, hand dyed cotton; cotton sateen; damask tulle; decorative yarns; beading; hand calligraphy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

BlissChick...Nourishment for Artists Souls

This is cool by Blisschick in truth; it's BEYOND cool! And it's FREE! I'm going to print it out & give it to my daughter & also put a copy in my sewing room ON THE DOOR! So I remember daily; it's about doing what you want; breaking self imposed boundaries and having fun! Let the muse in!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Festival 2009 or "Rockin the Purple Carpet"

(my dog tags)

I would like to say THANK YOU to Karey & her fabulous band of fantastic femme's who worked so tirelessly to make the Long Beach Festival such a HUGE success! You gals ROCKED!

I nearly fainted with joy when I walked through the big open doors to see my own work staring me (literally) right back in the face! My Cheetah quilt was about as front & center as you could get. It was part of the 'West Coast Wonders II' exhibit and was flanked by one stunning piece of art after another! I was truly verklempt! So much for the mascara! After composing myself; my friend Julie snapped this pic. What a momentous occasion for this virtually unknown quilter from Orange, CA.

My Journal Quilt was there as well representing the water element: "Flamingo Walk"

My Edges Piece 'Silence'

My buddy Julie and her Edges piece:

That's all cut work, velvet. She did all that by hand!

Do you Moo too??? Here's some 'moos' I collected, can you 'guess who's moo' by the art?

I had one for Jamie Fingal but now can't find it :(

I will tell you that went I went over to Make it University & Judy Coates Perez was sitting there in her darling groovy yellow apron, I immediately went right over & said "There SHE IS!!!" Where is that lovely flip thing with your art on it??" She was gracious enough to actually act like she knew who the heck I was & what in the heck I was talking about! (Ok, I posted on her blog when she first showed it off, but really, I didn't expect her to actually remember)LOL. That's a classy gal right there!

As I kept walking I hear a voice shout out "You WIN!" and I stood there because A.) I was wearing my Tiara and B.) I'm nosey & want to see who won and what it is! This adorable little gal sitting there calls me over & gives me an ATC she's made. She says it's because of my Tiara. I'm so thrilled I don't even realize who I'm talking to! It's MELANIE TESTA!!!! I'm standing there like a big doof and MELANIE TESTA is giving me one of her ATC's!!! Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore verklemt than I was all ready between the Cheetah, Ms. Perez & being filmed by Bonnie McCaffrey (ok, more on that later!) Here it is; I will treasure it always!!! Thank YOU!!! so much Melanie!

I pinned it on my dress & wore it proudly the rest of the day!!!

Speaking of running into folks! A gal I've been friends with online for awhile now was going to be at Festival & we exchanged cell numbers so we could 'meet in person'. I was so thrilled to see her & we hung out for a good while chatting & laughing & even walking the vendor isles a bit. SO much FUN!!! I was sad when I had to leave her but it was such a great highlight of my day!!! Here we are, me & my buddie Lynn Douglass

We're standing in front of my Detours piece "Noah's Raven".

Here's a shot of me & Cynthia Catlin; she's in charge of exhibitions for Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists. Many of you may not know, I'm currently President of this group (2 years) and Cynthia is the past president & now Exhibitions Chair. There are over seventy members in this group. She works incredibly hard on our exhibits for Quilts on the Wall! Thank you to Susan Willen for taking this picture of us!

Here's some shots of my 'Combat Tiara for the Dangerously Fabulous!" Though there was no official 'parade of Tiara's' this year, I made one anyway just in case.

What I shared at the QA/SAQA reception: Still a WIP but getting closer Sarah!

What we bought! Julie & Cindy & I had a blast at the 'Hand Dyed' shop as usual!

That brilliant Red is one piece that has browns on either side & that gorgeous red strip right down the middle. It's amazing!

These yummy pieces were from Anansi village.

Now about Bonnie!

When we first got to Festival; Julie & I were standing at the Detours exhibit. I noticed a gal standing in front of my 'Noah's Raven' with a video recorder. She asked me if I'd like to be on film & say a few words. Being up for anything and feelin so groovy from my Cheetah high I was all excited to do it... Till I realized, I had to stand there and SAY SOMETHING on CAMERA! She asked me to say some words about the raven & my tiara, I kid you not, I stood there said 'what?'. I was so nervous I couldn't figure out what to do considering I couldn't really look at either thing while I was trying to describe it! I thought about ripping the Tiara off my head but the fear of having all my hair standing upright and askew on camera would be worse. If there was any useful footage of my fumblings I'll be amazed! I felt so dumb & my voice had tremours from being nervous! I mean, here's me who could get up & sing in front of crowds (and has) but without a script? or something to focus on? I was totally lost!

It was fun and when it's all over, she thanked me and was so nice & she left with Julie to talk about Julies piece in Edges. Then someone came up to me and asked 'So, did Bonnie McCaffrey interview you?' did I realize! OMG!!! THAT was BONNIE MCCAFFREY!!! SHUT UP!!! Well, it was a total geek out moment I can assure you! No idea, as I said, if any of the footage will wind up on the vidcasts of the show but ya; I'll be watchin! And later the next day; I looked up her site & watched nearly all her vidcasts & was blown away by not only the artists she's interviewed, but all the lovely quilts she's captured! Thank you Bonnie for showing those of us who can't go to Houston, or England those fantastic quilts!!!

So, that's my story... (not all of it; but there are somethings that have to stay under wraps just yet)

Still floatin' on cloud 10!