Monday, September 30, 2013

Modern Peonies

I saw this modern quilt pattern of five large blocks that just 'float' on the bi colored background. 
I couldn't find the pattern anywhere so I sorta just made this up. I have long coveted this Michael Miller design 'Peonies'.  I never wanted to cut them up so this quilt seemed perfect!

(please don't ask about the pinwheels.  They are put aside for now, just too many quilt tops to finish and not a lot of time LOL)
Will do better lighting shots as I quilt it.  I really loved when I had it between that lime green & bright blue but I didn't think many folks might be interested in buying those colors so I toned it down to the pale yellow.  I really wanted to put some lime green with tiny blue dots but that sort of ruined the 'floating' block.  Even as piping unless I would have put it around the blocks first.  
Since I was making it up as I went that was all an afterthought that didn't make the cutting table.  

While at Joanne's getting white batting I found this lovelie!  I only got half a yard as it was $12.99 a yard (For Joanne's that's pricey but just LOOK at it!!)  I see orange and grey quilts in my future! 

But I have  a couple more things brewing like this...
found those dots awhile ago in the remnant bin!  
With the grey & just plain muslin it looks very masculine to me.  Can't wait! 

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Table Runners

Here is the second one I made today.  I fell in love with the bird fabric and used it on a commissioned piece earlier this year.  I'm finding that making these table runners uses the left overs to great effect.  I may find it hard to put this one up on my Etsy. 

On the design wall.  

needless to say when making lots of small projects all at once fabric does in fact, fly.  While reaching for my ruler & Havel scissors I found love... Apparently I needed to see that. 

This was the first one I made today.  I was dying to use this kitten fabric paired with the grey for something.  happy that I remembered the table runner idea since all I had was a fat quarter of it.  I would have liked to bind it but the pattern simply called for the pillow case type finish. 
The back fabric.  That was a small piece of material I had leftover from a CatNip Quilt. 
I love popping the colors with that dove grey field. 

And here it is quilted.  This was fun. 

My favorite part was putting those string lines linking one to the next.  
The original quilt designs were cool but they weren't mine. I wanted to make it just a bit different. 

I made this little table topper last night from a few scraps of the larger project using that jelly roll. 
I love stitching the long straight(ish) lines.  

The back can be used also.  

I have loved using this jelly roll so very much.  The colors are very fun and the polka dots make me smile! 

The very first thing I did this morning was quilt this one (see previous blog post for full view)

I do like the floral
I chose the combo of the Random Baptist Fan and the leaves stitch. I like putting them together. 

My pile is getting bigger! 

Happy Sewing!  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Odds and Ends

Put together this table runner last night.  Not my personal color scheme but these lovelies are Moda's
Harvest Home line.  The pattern I wanted to try was the 'magic block' but I ended up with an extra 12" square so I simply cut it on the diagonal  and applied each 'half' to the ends, worked out nicely.  I will back & batt & quilt it tonight.  I even have a couple little tassels that might work for the ends.  It's 48" long and 12" wide.
I did get the binding on my Koi Bento Box quilt when I thought I was finished with it but then...
I found this lovely drawing of a lotus flower and lily pad online & immediately ripped out the one I had sort of done on the fly (that I wasn't really happy with) and replaced it with this one.  I will put two more in different sizes tonight and then it should be done!  
Here's a shot of the one I ripped out...
It was simply much to 'heavy' for what I wanted.
The eye was drawn right to that white blob at the top. ick.  

On a side note; after it had been bound I just couldn't wait to wrap myself up in it.  I don't know what it is about this quilt but I just want to live in it!  I realized while it was wrapped around me that it would make a really cool jacket.  Since I have many of the scrap fabrics left over I plan on digging out a pattern I'm SURE I have for a short kimono type jacket.  I just can't wait!  How much fun to have giant Sashiko koi swimming all over you!
Finally, got some red material to bind these (there are three of them).
Had to pre-wash it just to be safe.
I should have the other two finished shortly. 

*I watched a tutorial on another darling strip pieced block from jelly-rolls last night & it was all I could do to make myself go to bed and not stay up and create it!  Darn that day job!   I plan on starting it tonght, can't wait to share!

Happy Sewing!



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pretty in Pink!

Ok so it's mostly a lot of greens too but still... it's all done! 
This was a very happy quilt to make from start to finish.  
I will admit I think I spent more time on the binding than the whole top combined!
But I was determined to use up my scraps and so ended up piecing the entire binding. 

up close quilting detail.  Giant flouncy daisies seemed the best option. 

Back view 

Backing finished.  
So if you know any little girls that really need this quilt I should have my Etsy page up soon!  Can't wait!

I love my Black & Decker Iron,
I really love that my sports water bottle's nozzle fits right into that hole and I can just put it in there and squeeze.  In seconds the reservoir is full.  
I use this water bottle specifically for this purpose & I don't use filtered water in it.  (per manuf. instructions)

Anyhow, I'm off to watch LOTR (Lord of The Rings) as today is 'Hobbit Day'. 
Ya, who knew? 
I've finished my three Sashiko koi and now am adding a water lily. 
Should be done this evening, I'm excited because that means tomorrow I can bind it and USE IT!!

Happy Sewing! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Tale of Two Purses

I have started carrying less and less and would really love not having to carry a purse at all but alas, the small wallet; keys; sunglasses and The Precious need a safe place.  When riding my bike I need a small purse that fits into my basket and one that still can be closed so nothing would fall out and commit suicide on the pavement.   

I stopped shopping at TJMaxx for designer purses ages ago when the initials on the purses or the sheer amount of bling on them needed a small crane to lift them off the ground.  And that was before I even put anything in them!  I found this small bag at the dollar store.  I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if it got dirty or fell out of my bike basket or even got soiled by the cats, I could wash it or just get another one. 

The more I carried it, the more I loved it.  The satin material makes that wonderful noise I love hearing when it brushes my waist and it's just the right size for just about anything for me.  The funniest part I think is that I've gotten more compliments on this little el cheapo purse than when I carried all those heavy, leather, uber trendy designer bags!    

Well I have loved it long for about 3 years now and I really wanted a new one so I  just decided to make one.  I know, it sounds kitchy but there ya go.  

That bright yellow top stitching just kills me!  What were they thinking?   

It's about 17" from top to bottom

A while ago I added an inside pocket & had to resew the bottom of the lining.  I chose my Alaska Salmon fabric.  I liked the idea of fish swimming around inside my little Asian bag. I'm weird.
My pocket has seen better days. 
Here is the total amount of stuff I carry daily.  The red wallet is really just a fabric coin purse Ellen gave me recently.  It's the exact same size as my phone (The Precious)

I decided to raid my stash of Japanese damask fabrics.  While looking for cording (for the straps) I found this black piping and knew I would need that too. 

What I didn't have was any solid black satin for the sides.  But in looking through my 'old silk clothing' drawer I found this top.  Perfect!  And I wouldn't even have to quilt it as the material is already stitched!  Bonus!

see those buttons, remember those.

And for the inside pocket??? The sleeve!  Perfect!  Already finished all around the top edge, I simply cut it the length I wanted  & sewed the bottom shut.

Side one
You'll note I made this one shorter than the original as I don't need all that length.  

And side two: 
The handles were the most tricksey.  I wrapped cording with the damask but had to use fusible stabilizer on it first. They are a tiny bit wider than I would have liked but the material was just too fiddly and there were many HBO words heard this evening.   

the pocket was a stroke of luck!  (and since there is one more sleeve I'm thinking I need to make one more purse, just because)

But my very favorite part of all is the 'feet'.  I have always love bags that have feet.  How well did this work?

Remember the button placket?  Here it is! 

my favorite spider mums! 
I worship my collections of these fabrics.  I know they can be a bit gaudy but if you use just a little and in just the right spot they are the pinnacle of elegance!

I love it and it even got the squeal of approval from Ellen who was here enjoying my homemade chili and cornbread.  What a fabulous evening.  

I may do a tutorial on the construction if anyone is interested, let me know. 

Happy Sewing!