Friday, December 26, 2014

WIP Assemblages

Finished this one
aperture is 8x10.  
Love these frames from Michael's, with the glass removed it's a nice, shallower shadowbox feel. 

P.S., these are really Emu neck feathers from my mom's Emus.  They aren't soft but are very durable the color variations are lovely! The plume of three is made from a single feather.

Final layout of Raven, now onto stitching and 'distressing' the gears I stenciled on to pop them more. This finished size is larger so it's about 11x14 or so. 

added some water and let them bleed out. I like the verdigris water stain in the lower left corner! Serendipity!

an early incarnation.  Head feathers too big; flight feathers too blingy.  But I loved the feet idea so I drew some and added them.  I replaced with silk ribbon and leather and will add some dark purple/blue/black tiny sequins to add depth. 

And lastly, little traveler kitteh is progressing.  Created the compass last night and will be adding more elements to the background and finishing this one today if the mood takes me. 
This size is also 8x10 and will be framed as kitteh above. 

I adore being on vacation at the holidays.  Wake up late, wander in to the kitchen full of noshes and coffee and then back to my assemblage tables and works in progress.  

I had decided if I was doing one that I should do multiples, that way I can have all the stuff out at one time and it's been a great way to work!  I can try out ideas and if it doesn't work on one piece it might just be what one of the others needs.  

I have one more set of kitten eyes in blue/green and I have some lovely blue silk scraps that will work nicely too so now that I freed up some space finishing kitten #1 I may start another.  

Happy, peaceful and inspiring sewing to you all! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small things

Had fun making this for my friend Vickie.  It was great to clean out my button collection after the great sewing room move/purge. 
You can see here how I made the eyes.  They were from Tim Holtz fabric; the moth wing dots became the eyes.   
I did this watercolor card for my boss.  My co-worker and I went in together and got her fresh flowers each month for six months (for Christmas gift).  She really loved them.  
Here's a shot of the first arrangement for December