Friday, February 18, 2011

Calligraphy Collage Cards

I'm not a fan of collage.  Mainly because it forces me to recognize that all the little bits & bobs I have hoarded collected over time are stored in so many places that to get them all out at once is overwhelming.

I started with some muslin

And some inks

And my nibs

And off I went!

Here is after I brushed one sheet of muslin with red; then added calligraphy

For the silver writing I use this pen (sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy)

They can be pricey but SO worth it!
They dry in seconds; are SUPER shiny and come in different metallic colors.

You see I discovered there is a difference in silver gel pens; silver calligraphy ink and these silver pens.  I took a piece of black card stock to the store & tried each one.  I also took a scrap of fabric and the pen above was hands down the best. 

Anyhow; I had been given this book by my friend Jamie Fingal. It inspired me to stretch a bit.  As I may have mentioned earlier I really don't like to collage. 

I was also given this ink to try by my friend & fellow Calligrapher Lisa Englebrecht

This is the only bottle I have & let me tell you; when I can; I'm going to buy all the colors I can lay my hands on!  It's FW Acrylic Ink.  (The Acrylic part is the important part)  Regular Ink like Liquitex above is too thin; it quickly absorbs into your fabric and MUST be used with a primer such as gel medium.  That can change the hand of your fabric. Something I'm not always happy with. 

I didn't like this experiment as much. ^

Here is the mess that drives me insane. 

So after all this I made some Valentines cards. 

Here is the first one:

This is the one El said was the best one

And this was a birthday card for a dear friend

This was the last one; it was a scrap of fabric I didn't use but the paint blotch looked to me like a bee to me.
I used some shiva paintsticks on the bottom to color in grass.  Not the best photo but you get the idea.
So after spending a night and a day and making these it was kinda fun but I don't think I'll be doing it more.  It takes up too many 'stations' in my room.  The sewing machine station; the calligraphy table; the embroidery area & all the tackle boxes full of stuff! 

I do have scraps now that I may use in other projects so I guess that is the silver lining. 

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Quilt Commission

I have been very busy as of late sewing lots of CatNip Quilts.  I have some art quilt projects I can't share quite yet and some fun collaged cards that I'll be posting shortly.   

I did however, finish this today. 
(click on images to enlarge)

This was a cute kit I purchased for a dear, dear friend.  It is for her great grandson.  

Quilt measures 36" W x 50" L
I really fell for the colors mainly.  The adorable animals and cool red bike! 

 The polka dotted alligator was my favorite. 

How cute is that monkey on the giraffe's neck, in his socks?! 

A darling tree pattern.
 some of the quilting. 
I decided against the instructions in quilting the whole thing in mono filament.  Instead I chose Isacord.  I have many colors of it and using it in the bobbin is key.

Great Grandma designed her label and I printed it out on Jacquard Silk sheets and appliqued it on the back.  I'm mailing it out to her!