Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time for a little Transparency

I am often challenged by this blog gig. 

Questions I find myself asking are these: 

     If this is my blog about my art then aren't I allowed to give all sides of the process?  (i.e. trials, tribulations, reflections as well as triumps?) 
      If so then is it ok to have some posts that are more revealing? Like, "gee, not feeling it today, can't find inspiration, feeling trapped or stuck?"  Is that too depressing to write in my own blog about my art?

Another question is:

     How can I share my works when so often I have to go back and take them down again because X,Y,Z show says 'if you get in, no photos on your blogs'. 

     Many artist friends have stopped sharing works 'in process' altogether as they find their ideas, techniques or even replica quilts on someone else's blog or website! And no, no reference is given to the original artist.

     The answers don't seem to come easy and I have been in many conversations with nubie artists as well as premier ones.  No definitive answers. Some artists even refuse to share works in their own art groups at 'show and tell' time for fear of piracy.  So in blogland, either you share and 'damn the consequenses' or you don't share in which case your blog becomes mainly a website with selective shots of travelling pieces or older works that have returned home. 

     Even if I take the numbers only approach in that I can see there are 44 followers to my blog so I might think I don't have much worry really.  Until I realize: that doesn't account for is all the hits I get from folks who aren't followers.  Depending on the post or photos the views can easily exceed the hundreds.  (which is very cool btw). 

     Ego.  I love sharing what I've made when I really like it.  I want to hear or read what others think, if they like it, what they 'see' in it, etc.  This is often a large part of what makes me 'drive all night' to get something done if there is a meeting coming up or special event.   Maybe that sounds shallow to the unenlightened, but  artists live and strive for affirmation.  No shame in that.

I'm interested in reading your thoughts.  Do you have more than one blog to suit your purposes? Is one 'incognito'?  How do you handle the publish vs perish mentality? 

Until next we meet..

 California Towhee & mate (she's at the far left corner) in our Loquat tree

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

'Winter' Travelling Exhibit Schedule

The work above was inspired by a photo a friend took.  You can see the original here: 

Nathalie takes wonderful photos; you can see her blog here
And she shares a love of language as evidenced by her other blog here: 

Funny story:  
I keep a paper file folder (yes, NOT the electronic ones) in my sewing room.  When I'm surfing the net and come across a photo that moves me I will often print it, on the back I write in the link info.   
I had put the printout of Nathalie's photo in my file two years ago and neglected to put the link on.  Since the work is only in shows I didn't worry too much but I had spent HOURS searching the net prior to sending it off trying to locate the original photo.  
How funny that it turns out to be from a friends photostream.  
Thank goodness she reads my blog!  
Thanks Nathalie!

The Exhibit Schedule for Noble Seasons 2012
Noble Seasons - FALL
Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show
Oklahoma City, OK
January 12 - 14, 2012
Noble Seasons - WINTER
Road to California Quilter’s Conference and Showcase
Ontario Convention Center, Ontario CAJanuary 19-22, 2012
ALL Noble Seasons
The Quilt Fest of New Jersey VIII
March 1 - 4, 2012
Somerset, New Jersey
ALL Noble SeasonsDenver National Quilt Festival VII
May 3 - 6, 2012
Denver, Colorado
Noble Seasons - WINTERWestern Sew, Quilt & Textile Expo
Reno, NV
June 21 - 23, 2012
ALL Noble SeasonsPennsylvania National
Quilt Extravaganza XIX 
September 13 - 16, 2012
Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania
Noble Seasons - WINTERPacific International
Quilt Festival XXI
October 11 - 14, 2012
Santa Clara, California
Noble Seasons - WINTERSoft Expressions
Anaheim, CANovember and December 2012

Take a gander at the curator's jo p. griffith's charming piece


And Pat Blair's Winter piece
which I find just exquisite!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

After reading so many blog posts about one year ending and a new one beginning it occurs to me that I like finding a personal word for the new year.  My word last year was Magic, and though I stumbled with it throughout the year, (it's rather difficult to keep a handle on such things) I learned a thing or two.

The key is consistency and even as I type that, the paradox is evident.  How do we keep something constant and habitual and still keep spontaneity, leaving room for a surprise?

I have chosen my word 2012 and it is perspective.   Yet as I contemplate its meaning, my mind  and creativity is nearly strangled by the inevitable cliche of it all.  However it is still important. Seeing things from a different perspective, putting things into perspective,  and sharing perspective with others.  Striving for a unique vision and a way to share that vision in my art.   I do have several projects I'm working on that I cannot post photos of yet so I will leave you with a wish.  I wish for you hope.  Hope in whatever it is you are making, whatever path you are traveling; and whatever your dreams are weaving for you.  Happy New Year!