Monday, April 18, 2011

Memorial Quilted Pillow finished

bunnie nose!
Pillow measures 14" by 28"
When it's flat on the table it measures 10" high n the middle.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Memorial Quilted Pillow

A friend of mine Alinda Lord  recently lost her beloved house rabbit Buster.  She emailed and asked me if I could make her something.  She wanted to be able to put his ashes inside it and hold it.  
What we came up with is this:  

A long pillow that she can place his ashes (sealed in pastic of course).  
Then she can close the pillow (via zipper) 
The covering I'm making is a quilt that will then become the pillow covering
As you can see it will wrap around and will also 
have a zipper for ease in removal for cleaning if necessary. 

The images of Buster were her photos that I printed on silk sheets.  
Once the images were on; I peeled off the silk and ironed it on fusible interfacing for stability. 
I really like how the photos on the silk feel!  So smooth and soft.  It was important to me to use the softest materials possible given that they will be handled quite a bit.  I 'pet' Mr. Buster quite often!

She gave me a list of his pet names that I am quiling on.  

As you can see I've started the names here.
She requested some deep rich desert colors.  I'll do better photos when it's finished.

House rabbits are 100% GREEN + VEGAN companions.

Give a bun the gift of life. Make adoption your option.