Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 I'm so excited to share that my quilt entitled 'Ms. Stella O'Houligan was accepted into the Dinner @ Eight Artists Special Exhibit 'Affinity'.  The exhibit will debut this fall at the International Quilt Market and Festival
The size is 40" x 40"  The moon is a piece of tulle that has holographic flecks on it.  I hand quilted it down and used embroider floss, sashiko thread and metallic thread using cross stitches and French knots. I also added sequins, mother of pearl beads and holographic sequin rings. (see the detail shot below with near the hair)
I very nearly thought I wouldn't get this piece done. 

As most of you know, I helped 19 year old cat Ms. Stella O'Houligan on her journey April 10th. For her eulogy see here: 
and then my mom passed away suddenly on April 24th.

I ended up having to move mom's three room apt into my garage for the time being and much that didn't fit got stuffed into the studio and house.  I don't work well under such cluttered and transient conditions.

But in the end I was able hack some Zen space in my mind and complete this very personal and emotional idea for a quilt.  This design type is waaaay out of my comfort zone but the image came clearly and instantly into my mind one evening.  I was sitting outside where we had Ms. Stella on her blanket when the vet came to the house to administer the shots.  I had started keeping this little ritual since then at the same time each evening toasting my beautiful girl.  At that point I hadn't decided on a design.  

I'm so happy that it worked.  A friend said it's called 'Magical Realism' and was a favorite style of Chagall. After I had finished my piece I looked him up. Very cool indeed. 

I miss her each and every day.