Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What I'm making:Art quilts Bargello

This is one of my favorite patterns to do.  The small Bargello.  I used my newly discovered Okan Arts Yukata fabric from Japan.  I'm adding the hand stitching and it's nice you can see it up close but far away it's very subtle.  I think it works because if it were really noticeable it might be too much with all the movement in the piece already.

No plans for this, just wanted to have fun with some piecing and cutting and piecing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What I've been making Art Quilts' Geisha

I found these three Geisha panels I had perfused with stabilizer but never did anything with (can you imagine??LOL)
So in my clean out; use it or donate it mode;  I decided to keep it and stitch up something.  Naturally it was more work than I had intended.  I found the background piece in my Asian stash and it played nicely with the muted tones.  I then learned how to make hexagons from circles and loved the foldy look of origami on the wrong side.  I kept that side up and made little packages.  Next I added Sashiko stitching and bound it.

It's up on my Etsy page for sale if you might be interested.

 The look of the hexagons from the 'wrong' side.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

What I've been making; Bed Quilts

Sometimes I just get a wild hair and then I realize that I need to start making quilts out of all this fun fabric I've been stashing from MQG shows.  
This pattern is from Missouri Star Quilt called 'Good Night Irene' I think.  The tutorial was very fun.
It was fiddly at first making all the four patches but I love how all the colors play together nicely.  There are cats, birds, and modern designs. 

This one is a jelly roll quilt. Moda Zen Chic. I am making this for my Etsy store so need to get it quilted soon.   

This pattern is from Sunday Morning Quilts.  There should be 10" worth of 'wonky' strips horizontal then one bar that is vertical.   

I chose a color palette that is subdued and more ethereal.  There is a lot of text fabric; and some soft blues and greens.   It was fun to do this.  It makes me think of a charm quilt and I love looking at it~  I was just going to make this a duvet cover it's so big but seeing all this busy on my bed might not work for me. 
a better wall shot of the wonky horizontal sections.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

What I've been making Art Quilts

 I wanted to make some circles but since I totally suck at sewing curves I simply fused these quarter circles to the squares.  Much easier & I could really choose more diversity and not have to cut too much yardage of my precious Smudged Textile's fabrics.  

This is still being hand stitched.  Will post final photos soon. I didn't end up using that border as it was too busy and went with black on black skull and crossbone fabric. (shown below)

Since that first one was so much fun (ok, not THAT much when it took literally hours to finally have the design layout with the help of daughter)

I made this one with the script fabrics and the Philip Jacobs Snail shells. I LOVE it! 
step one

step two  

step three  

again...several hours later of moving the squares with the help of dear daughter and voila!  
done.  I used the same black border fabric that has black on black skulls and crossbones.  How cool!  

What I'm Making; One Seam Flying Kaffe Fassett

Here was my inspiration:
 So I dug out all my Moda Grunge Solids and my Kaffe Fassett & Philip Jacobs florals.
One seam flying geese!  So fun and fast!