Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ever have one of those ideas?

In your head; the kind that start with a sort of 'oh!' then you go to your stash (pushing aside the myriad other projects in process and find EXACTLY what you had in mind for this idea? You go to your design table & quickly sketch out what's in your head & it's identical to what was in your mind right off? You then begin constructing the top and it flows together without issue. You didn't even do math & yet you have exactly enough squares in different sizes. It's all fuseable and you lay it right down on your batting. Oh, and the batting; you just pull a piece from your closet & it fits perfectly! You get your backing fabric and the entire piece is done (relatively) in a matter of HOURS?

And I KNOW I have more ideas of this style coming... I feel the seeds of a series... I drew the Poppies on, then machine stitched in black. To add depth; I used a grey water color pencil (by wetting the brush first, putting the brush on the pencil tip to get color, then applying it to the fabric). I found that if I heat set it right away the color faded, so I applied the color & let it dry by itself first. Then heat set it and the color stayed. I used my Stadtler water color pencils. (well, just the grey one).

I'm glad I did this last Sunday as by Monday all heck broke loose. Two of my cats came down with urinary tract infections. One is my Bengal Foster kitty, Jenga. Hers turned out to be bladder stones (ouch!) and when Bengal rescue didn't have the funds for the $800 surgery, I set to fundraising. (Well, it was that or euthanasia.) You can read that story here. It's been going fantastically & I've even sold some quilts off my ETSY shop as a result of folks stopping by to donate for Jenga! Whoot!

I can't wait to get back to working on this piece.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Running Memory Quilt

My Friend Rich is a runner. He asked me to make a quilt for him of all his bibs & some tshirts. It was fun to do. I scanned all his bibs in, then printed them on fabric sheets. The final quilt measured 4' x 6'.

This is the back, Rich loves to run at the beach so I put my favorite dolphin fabric on there. There were some plain bibs left that I put on the back also. You'll note the last square of fabric at the bottom is all junk food as Rich likes to have 'Bad Food Friday's' when he's celebrating.

I admire my friend Rich for running and staying with it. Running is hard! My favorite Bib said,