Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bird Decoupage

I used an old page from a wildlife calendar for this White Striped Vireo. 
The chest feathers are from an image of a coyote. :) 
The tail and head are from a barn with snow and rust colored paint. 

Still need to work on backgrounds.  Not sure if I like this one. 
But it's really just the process I like, culling photos and seeing what I can make from them. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

December paintings and a WIP

And where I am now
My journal awaits!  
Using Tamara Laporte's influence here to learn how to use wax watercolor crayons.
Yummy creamy blending. 

Influenced here by 
I highly recommend this.  Very inspiring! 

And look, I did this!! 
11" x 14" canvas

Then this one.
There are four woman shapes.  I only started with one & found the others as I progressed. 

didn't see the lady on the left until I did a cell shot.  using your cell is a great way and an old technique like a minimizing glass that lets you see very small which is quite useful

so then i painted her in. 
I noticed the shape far right way after I had added the flower so to give another hint; added the leaves in the lower right corner. 
The final laying down shape was added under the center roses to cover the right angle of the book page. I tattooed some flourishes on her hip and thigh

The flowers were hardest. Trying to learn some new brushstroke techniques. 

Then back to my journal for some fun neon color and a blending of the two artists 

I adore the technique of using that black line as a way to separate space and refocus blocks of color. 
Still working on this one. 
These past few months have been very full of learning and trying.  
I have left the entire dining room as a paint area and my daughter and I sometimes together sit for hours and just explore and paint and have fun.  All the while enjoying each others company and input. 
She has a marvelous eye and I value her judgement. 

that's it for now; back to painting.

Christmas 2015 Family

Lovely memories

Miss Jack



My Oli-Wan 

playful kittens!

every mancub cat needs a Master to look up to!

Happy New Year!

November Dresser

I found a hiboy dresser on the sidewalk (of a recently moved out of home) and it was in really good shape.  It was also EXACTLY the hight and width I needed that would fit in my room! Bonus! 

Once home I got this idea that since it was unfinished wood I could paint it.  Then I thought... 
Where is that old bird calendar I've been saving?  I bet I could deopauge it and don't I have an old book I can use the pages of somewhere?  OH YEA, an ancient dictionary! Perfect! 

So I did. 
It was so much fun!~

Leaving little messages to myself was really fun too.  EVERY page was selected as it had words that trigger things for me.  From Cats to birds to gears, etc... It all came together so effortlessly! 

And did I mention I had been saving these awesome Bat drawer pulls??? I went to home depot for the other three. 

 That was before I discovered home goods had a much better selection of WAY COOLER drawer pulls but I had already finished this project. 
(yes, that means I now must find something ELSE to use these for- LOL)

I used Liquitex blue as an over paint for the edges.  I resanded the top a bit and overpainted that as well. 


All done in my room
I just love looking at it everyday!!! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Black Furry Kitty

A gift for a friend
I found this furry material at Joanne's at halloween.  I bought several yards as my mind sees a flock of Ravens all tattered.  But my mind also sees black cats. 

All done! 
These small projects are such fun but designing seems to take me forever.  Picking out and placing the buttons just so.  Yes, that part took hours.  The rest was easy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A little Steampunk decoupage

Found this at the second hand store. It was fun decoupage it in Steampunk theme! 

Using scrapbook papers, Tim Holtz dies in Mt Big Shot Sizzix machine.
Adding stencil grid with moulding clay. I used Tim Holtz distressed ink pads to add color.
Then made a wash of liquitex bronze acrylic paint and Tim Holtz spiced marmalade . The wash gives an added aged feel without being overly shiny.
The bobbins were too shiny silver, so I used my calligraphic metallic markers to burnish them in gold and copper.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bird Canvases

After the dresser, I found the second old bird calendar I had and wanted to make some pieces for my Etsy store.  This is an 11" x 14" stretched canvas.  
A little Tim Holtz Tissue for the background and tore each bird element out then decoupaged them down

Added some overpaint

Added some honeycomb diecuts and voila! 

Did a second one with boring 'brown birds' but they are pretty in an understated way. 

Here the two together.  I have one more to do but am going to sell them separately on my Etsy