Monday, January 19, 2015

Raven Profiles

Had a lot of fun creating this Raven profile. 
This raven is made from paper, tulle; pvc vinyl; burn out velvet; silk damask and satin. 
The finished size is 9" x 11" unframed.

Here it is finally framed.  Gave me some grief but I think it turned out nice.

I created 'feather armor' out of some jewelry findings.  My metal nips were useless; ended up cutting them with my titanium coated quilting sharps. 

The eye was a lot of fun to embellish with super tiny gears and a giant gold earring. I like how this angle looks like an Elephant head. 

Those are three hematite seed beads along with Cartwright's Black Galaxy sequins.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Steampunk Tuxedo Kitteh

I love black and white. And what better way to play with my current obsession than create a tuxie kitty! 
I loved the watch face and it seemed perfect for this little girl. 

I created her floral collar while messing around with that RED wire!! So fun!  The plastic screening came in handy and I just added some hand beading to give it some bling. 

initially she was going to have white whiskers but I couldn't find white wire.  I guess I'd have to visit an electrical store for that so I just opted for red as it seemed the natural choice and complimented the minimal background as well. 

She only has one crazy whisker in representation of all her whiskers.  Artistic license.  When I attemped to make her whiskers like the other kitteh, well, all that red wire lost it's elegance and was too much.  

I did play around by adding a mirror whisker on the other side but then she looked liked Salvador Dali.  I totally LOL'd. 

She's now available on my Etsy page.  

Happy Assembling!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Cat Returns Assemblage Kitteh

My homage to Myasaki's "The Cat Returns". It was fun dressing him in a silk waistcoat, satin jacket with velvet lapels and a silk ascot replete with tie pin. The cat itself is grey silk with silk cording hand couched for depth. Background is hand painted . Artwork is 9/12 in an 11/14 frame.

Traveller Kitteh complete!

This frame is 11" x 14"
apeture opening is 9" x 12".
I had much fun with my little Taveller Kitteh and have since made 3 others I'll post up soon.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Clockwork Raven completed

*Due to great demand, I will make a limited number of Ravens.  There will be 4 more coming and available for order on my Etsy page.  Or email me direct if you like
stacyhurt  at  rocketmail   dot   com
This particular piece has been reserved but I am taking orders. Each will be slightly different owing to what watch parts and mixed media are available the, however the position and attitude of the bird will be the same.   Each Raven takes approx 1 to 2 weeks to complete. They will be matted and framed as shown. Size including frame is 18" x 24" . Art work size aperture is 11"x14"
I had a tremendous amounts of fun creating this my favorite of all birds.  I am creating some smaller works of ravens as well.  Be sure to subscribe to my Blog and Etsy page so you can be first to see the new pieces!
Thanks so very much!