Steampunk Tuxedo Kitteh

I love black and white. And what better way to play with my current obsession than create a tuxie kitty! 
I loved the watch face and it seemed perfect for this little girl. 

I created her floral collar while messing around with that RED wire!! So fun!  The plastic screening came in handy and I just added some hand beading to give it some bling. 

initially she was going to have white whiskers but I couldn't find white wire.  I guess I'd have to visit an electrical store for that so I just opted for red as it seemed the natural choice and complimented the minimal background as well. 

She only has one crazy whisker in representation of all her whiskers.  Artistic license.  When I attemped to make her whiskers like the other kitteh, well, all that red wire lost it's elegance and was too much.  

I did play around by adding a mirror whisker on the other side but then she looked liked Salvador Dali.  I totally LOL'd. 

She's now available on my Etsy page.  

Happy Assembling!


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