What I've been making Art Quilts

 I wanted to make some circles but since I totally suck at sewing curves I simply fused these quarter circles to the squares.  Much easier & I could really choose more diversity and not have to cut too much yardage of my precious Smudged Textile's fabrics.  

This is still being hand stitched.  Will post final photos soon. I didn't end up using that border as it was too busy and went with black on black skull and crossbone fabric. (shown below)

Since that first one was so much fun (ok, not THAT much when it took literally hours to finally have the design layout with the help of daughter)

I made this one with the script fabrics and the Philip Jacobs Snail shells. I LOVE it! 
step one

step two  

step three  

again...several hours later of moving the squares with the help of dear daughter and voila!  
done.  I used the same black border fabric that has black on black skulls and crossbones.  How cool!  


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