Happy New Year!

After reading so many blog posts about one year ending and a new one beginning it occurs to me that I like finding a personal word for the new year.  My word last year was Magic, and though I stumbled with it throughout the year, (it's rather difficult to keep a handle on such things) I learned a thing or two.

The key is consistency and even as I type that, the paradox is evident.  How do we keep something constant and habitual and still keep spontaneity, leaving room for a surprise?

I have chosen my word 2012 and it is perspective.   Yet as I contemplate its meaning, my mind  and creativity is nearly strangled by the inevitable cliche of it all.  However it is still important. Seeing things from a different perspective, putting things into perspective,  and sharing perspective with others.  Striving for a unique vision and a way to share that vision in my art.   I do have several projects I'm working on that I cannot post photos of yet so I will leave you with a wish.  I wish for you hope.  Hope in whatever it is you are making, whatever path you are traveling; and whatever your dreams are weaving for you.  Happy New Year! 



  1. Happy New Year to you, Stacy. Great post. Hope is the thing!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Stacy! Thank you for writing this post. I really like the idea of choosing a word for the year. I'll ponder that for myself - though I may need a phrase. We all look forward to seeing your finished pieces. Thank you for your wish of Hope. Hope is a wonderful thing - I wish it back to you too.

  3. Dear Stacy,

    The selection of 'perspective' as your word for 2012 is right on, for we do need to have some kind of perspective for traveling into new territory. With things being so unsure these last couple of years, the future does not seem to bright, but then there is always hope.

    In the meantime we try to remain optimistic and force ahead.

    Wishing you all the very best for 2012,
    Ms Kitty and dad


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