Time for a little Transparency

I am often challenged by this blog gig. 

Questions I find myself asking are these: 

     If this is my blog about my art then aren't I allowed to give all sides of the process?  (i.e. trials, tribulations, reflections as well as triumps?) 
      If so then is it ok to have some posts that are more revealing? Like, "gee, not feeling it today, can't find inspiration, feeling trapped or stuck?"  Is that too depressing to write in my own blog about my art?

Another question is:

     How can I share my works when so often I have to go back and take them down again because X,Y,Z show says 'if you get in, no photos on your blogs'. 

     Many artist friends have stopped sharing works 'in process' altogether as they find their ideas, techniques or even replica quilts on someone else's blog or website! And no, no reference is given to the original artist.

     The answers don't seem to come easy and I have been in many conversations with nubie artists as well as premier ones.  No definitive answers. Some artists even refuse to share works in their own art groups at 'show and tell' time for fear of piracy.  So in blogland, either you share and 'damn the consequenses' or you don't share in which case your blog becomes mainly a website with selective shots of travelling pieces or older works that have returned home. 

     Even if I take the numbers only approach in that I can see there are 44 followers to my blog so I might think I don't have much worry really.  Until I realize: that doesn't account for is all the hits I get from folks who aren't followers.  Depending on the post or photos the views can easily exceed the hundreds.  (which is very cool btw). 

     Ego.  I love sharing what I've made when I really like it.  I want to hear or read what others think, if they like it, what they 'see' in it, etc.  This is often a large part of what makes me 'drive all night' to get something done if there is a meeting coming up or special event.   Maybe that sounds shallow to the unenlightened, but  artists live and strive for affirmation.  No shame in that.

I'm interested in reading your thoughts.  Do you have more than one blog to suit your purposes? Is one 'incognito'?  How do you handle the publish vs perish mentality? 

Until next we meet..

 California Towhee & mate (she's at the far left corner) in our Loquat tree


  1. I blog as my kitty and just recently as a human. It is off to shake off the fur off. I like the things you write and show here if that helps.

  2. I think that you should do what you want, because it's your blog. I am big on sharing what I do, and I enjoy doing a variety of things on my blog. I don't post photos of work that can't be posted. Have fun with what you do, and don't let people rain on your parade. You have a voice and have something to say - go for it!

  3. Would it help to post only for a short period and then take the post down? Loyal readers could see what you post, but people coming by later and browsing through older posts would be able to see the photos you had put up before. BTW, we are "followers" but follow most blogs privately through google reader so would not show up as followers here.

  4. I'm with Jamie. If I'm making something that I think will be for one of "THOSE SHOWS" then I don't show anything of it....of course then there's the online challenge I participated in in Oct. which is STILL not up...and so might just put it out there anyway!

    I also am not one who isn't going to ONLY put up winners...I make skunks too...and lately what I've been making (and designing) has been REALLY smelly.

  5. Perhaps because I do my art work just because I like doing my art work...I don't care if someone wants to copy my work or pieces of it...as they say "imitation is the greatest form of flattery". Works for me!

  6. I agree with everyone above. It's your blog. Post what you want to post. I think you’re doing a great job on your blog and with your artwork.

    I, also, have an issue with shows/exhibits that won't allow me to post photos of my own artwork because of their rules. You just can't get around that.

    I’m enjoying having more than one blog. One for my general artwork and one for my "guerrilla art" project. You may want to try a second incognito blog.

  7. I liked this post - good for you for talking about what you are feeling. I agree that you can do whatever you like on your blog. I only have one, which makes it a melange of quilting, family and (lately) knitting. Not sure I could manage more than one.


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