November Dresser

I found a hiboy dresser on the sidewalk (of a recently moved out of home) and it was in really good shape.  It was also EXACTLY the hight and width I needed that would fit in my room! Bonus! 

Once home I got this idea that since it was unfinished wood I could paint it.  Then I thought... 
Where is that old bird calendar I've been saving?  I bet I could deopauge it and don't I have an old book I can use the pages of somewhere?  OH YEA, an ancient dictionary! Perfect! 

So I did. 
It was so much fun!~

Leaving little messages to myself was really fun too.  EVERY page was selected as it had words that trigger things for me.  From Cats to birds to gears, etc... It all came together so effortlessly! 

And did I mention I had been saving these awesome Bat drawer pulls??? I went to home depot for the other three. 

 That was before I discovered home goods had a much better selection of WAY COOLER drawer pulls but I had already finished this project. 
(yes, that means I now must find something ELSE to use these for- LOL)

I used Liquitex blue as an over paint for the edges.  I resanded the top a bit and overpainted that as well. 


All done in my room
I just love looking at it everyday!!! 


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