December paintings and a WIP

And where I am now
My journal awaits!  
Using Tamara Laporte's influence here to learn how to use wax watercolor crayons.
Yummy creamy blending. 

Influenced here by 
I highly recommend this.  Very inspiring! 

And look, I did this!! 
11" x 14" canvas

Then this one.
There are four woman shapes.  I only started with one & found the others as I progressed. 

didn't see the lady on the left until I did a cell shot.  using your cell is a great way and an old technique like a minimizing glass that lets you see very small which is quite useful

so then i painted her in. 
I noticed the shape far right way after I had added the flower so to give another hint; added the leaves in the lower right corner. 
The final laying down shape was added under the center roses to cover the right angle of the book page. I tattooed some flourishes on her hip and thigh

The flowers were hardest. Trying to learn some new brushstroke techniques. 

Then back to my journal for some fun neon color and a blending of the two artists 

I adore the technique of using that black line as a way to separate space and refocus blocks of color. 
Still working on this one. 
These past few months have been very full of learning and trying.  
I have left the entire dining room as a paint area and my daughter and I sometimes together sit for hours and just explore and paint and have fun.  All the while enjoying each others company and input. 
She has a marvelous eye and I value her judgement. 

that's it for now; back to painting.


  1. I love seeing where you're going with your paintings! I've heard of Flora Bowley. It's good to know that you would recommend her book.


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