For the love of our pets

I did this project as a commission for a dear, dear friend.  Initially she wanted another CatNip quilt and I was going to make it 36" square. 

When I make CatNip quilts for people as custom designs, I spend much time viewing their blog and read posts and get a feel for their cats.  What they are like; what personality I see, what colors their environment is typically; and what colors may make the kitties furs pop!

Since we tend to outlive our beloved companions, I've been told that those cats who had custom CatNip quilts have kept them.  They have placed them in areas of honor with the remains of their beloveds.  I am so touched by this it's good I'm writing and you dear readers can't see the tears in my eyes.  

My friend had also discussed the possibility of commissioning a large Art Quilt from me at the same time.  (like 5x7 feet or so)  We discussed her interest in Native American folklore and the idea of animals as Spirit Guides.  Then as conversations do we agreed to 'put a pin in it' for some time in the future. 

I knew I was making a CatNip quilt so I set out to review her blog to see what her brood has been up to.   I reviewed old posts and it didn't take long to get back to the heartbreaking one over her Angel Cat Squashies.  Squashies ended up having a rare blood disorder and because there is nothing we won't do for our pets; they put out a call for Squashies rare blood type so tranfusions could be done.  Where they live there were no donors.  If ever you may 'tut-tut' social media like Facebook or Twitter, I urge you to see the bigger picture.  After putting the 'call' out on FB within days they had blood donors for dear Squashies from across the US!

Squashies had a charmed and exceptionally loved life and it was devastating when she eventually passed.  I remember the day I read that sad, horrible news.  I wept as if Squashies were one of my own.  I'm sure you all have stories like this.

Squashies was a 'cow cat' and she had the unique marker of a giant upside down heart on her shoulder. And not just a 'if you squint you can see it' kind:

 It was then I knew what I wanted to do. And so in attemtping to create a folksy tribute to Ms. D's beloved; here's how it came out.
"Not gone... Just gone on ahead"

Squashies is nestled in couched fancy yarns and those same yarns outline the stars.
Surrounded my love; she waits among the stars. 

The basket strips are fused but they have been carefully woven first.
Laura Wasilowsky hand dyed floss for the French knots.

The floss used for the radiating lines is actually Sashko thread that came dyed. Love it! 

When my good friend Vickie saw this she said 'Rainbow Bridge!' which was certainly NOT my intent but I suppose that's what can happen sometimes in art.  The discussion you have with your viewer may not always be what you intended; and that's okay too. 

I hope she likes it.  I've mailed it out to her today (along with a CatNip quilt for the kitties!) . 


  1. Oh this is lovely! Squashies was a good friend to us too, and this is a beautiful tribute! You made me a little weepy with this one!

  2. Oh Stacy (Rosemary B here) this is so beautiful.
    I truly adore it, you really put a lot of thought and perfection into this. Just stunning.
    What a treasure

  3. I am so incredibly overwhelmed by this piece. Your talent and your empathy are amazing. I cried when I opened this piece.
    I can never thank you enough.

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  5. OMC that's stunning!!!! What a wonderful tribute to Squashies! I know Dee is going to love it.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. STUNNING. Simply stunning. And how special and perfect for Squashies, too.
    WOW. Did we say stunning yet...?

  7. Oh my, this made me leak at the eyes. So beautiful and so lovingly made.

  8. What a beautiful tribute and remembrance of our friend Squashies.

  9. This is an incredibly beautiful quilt to remember sweet Squashies. It was an amazing effort on Facebook and other venues to find her a donor. You have captured her spirit purrfectly.

  10. I am in tears at your loving kindness toward another whose heart is broken, just as you did for me when mine wa shattered.

  11. I am also in tears at the beauty and the love you have shown . The quilt is quite beautiful and also quite priceless. I know so well how much it helps when all our blog friends unite when we have lost a beloved fur baby and how much it helps. This is just perfect and will bring so much comfort I am sure x

  12. It is absolutely beautiful and filled with kindness and love.

  13. how could she not love it, not only is it beautiful, but it is very touching.. absolutely lovely

  14. Stacy, it's beautiful and meaningful. You're amazing.

  15. We remember Squashies. What a lovely job you did creating this quilt. We know Miss D. will cherish it.

  16. It is just beautiful. And the love and thought you put into it, Stacy, makes it even more beautiful.


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