Calligraphy Quilts Page 1

Ode to Joyce                                            Available for Purchase

Ms. J                                                       In Private Collection

Gateway to the Imagination                                    Available for purchase

Wonder                                           8 1/2" x 11" Journal quilt                          Available for show only

12" x 12" SAQA donation  (now lives in Switzerland)

16" x 24"  pen and ink cat drawings and handwriting.  Available for purchase

MoonSisters                                Sold

36" x 60"

Silence                                                             Available for purchase

36" x 48" L

Artist Warrior                                                    private collection

Flight                                                                                                 Available for purchase

some fun calligraphy on a prayer flag

Two Hearts                                                                                        In private collection

Doctor WHO! Prayer Flag

Some fun calligrpahy testing inks  (Terry Pratchett Quote)

Calligraphy, Beading

Family Corvidae                                                             In Private Collection

In Private Collection in Ireland

Among the Runes                                                                      Available for Purchase

Children of Lir             Myths and Legends Collection                Available for Show only


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