Happy to report that my piece 'Zed' aka 'motherboard' was on display at PIQF! Sadly, the only good photos I had of the piece have been eaten. My friend Cindy Cooksey was there and took this photo! The shots below are clearer on the details.

These were WIP shots of the detail. I had such fun quilting this can you tell?!

The inital 'E' for Ellen and her princess crown.

My Initial 'S' sit's atop the Z with a more formal type crown.

That fuchia silk was is to die for! This quilt was for a challenge called 'Unfettered letters' in which you had to include either text or letters on your quilt somewhere. As I had just finished a piece with lots of text; I opted for a single letter.

It was interesting creating a background that was all geometric then adding the more organic shapes with some of the quilting lines. I believe these quilts were all the same size 28" x 38" but am not 100%.

The cotton/sateen background is from 'Hand Dyed Fabrics'. They always have a booth at Long Beach & I LOVE their stuff!!!


  1. Beautiful!
    One day, I'm going to try my hand at quilting.

  2. It was awesome to study that piece and then see that it was one of your quilts! The more I looked, the more I discovered! Beautifully done, my friend!

  3. Hey! How come this blog doesn't have an award?
    Problem solved!...

  4. It's gorgeous. It really looked nice at PIQF.


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