New Commissioned Work

Recently completed commission. This is a wedding gift for a couple to be married in Ireland. The saying is written in Irish and means: "Love is patient and kind". It measures 15" W x 24" L.

Hand calligraphy in Liquitex acrylics. Love knot is couched fancy yarns and metallic threads. Machine pieced and quilted. The Celtic braid is made of silk hand made bias (orange) and batik blue/green bias.

This is little piece is for the person who commissioned the above work. It is her gift. The saying is "every turn of events has it's meaning/purpose" (all that in 5 Irish words)

It is 6 1/2 " W x 12" L. Hand calligraphy; Machine quilted in metallic threads and the organza is held in place by the fused green section.

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