All done!

This piece is for a challenge with one of my local art groups. The theme is Archaeology.

Specs: 28" W x 38" H. Vertical Orientation
*This is actually a prototype for a quilt that will be nearly 50" x 50"*

Title: 'Among the Runes'

This piece explores symbols and letters used by civilizations from past to present. The backdrop is side of a rock face or petroglyph cave. On the top and bottom there are Runes; most ancient of all lettering. Next, a layer with the symbols of alchemy; there are seven representing base metals (gold; silver; mercury; lead; copper; iron; tin).

Ancient Japanese Kangi symbols representing 'Magic Spell': the Celtic treskle; Egyptian Eye of Horus; Native American symbol for wisdom and Fibonacci's spiral are scattered throughout.

In the very center; we've traveled through the past to 'uncover and view' the present. Upon closer inspection; the bright turquoise silk strips have binary code written upon them; representing the language of our modern world.

What was interesting was making the two quilts; the top layer and the 'inside layer' had to be put together in tandem to get the colors; placement, etc. to work together. Then the moment of truth came; cutting that top layer open! The 'inside layer' was then placed in back; it is only pinned at this point. The backing fabric is an aboriginal print with snakes (who frequent caves and dark forgotten worlds).

Silk charmuse; organza; discharged silks, hand dyed cotton; cotton sateen; damask tulle; decorative yarns; beading; hand calligraphy.


  1. I will be very interested to see the process once translated larger. The view of small vs. large always intrigues me in how feelings change while looking at it.

  2. Nice! Hope to see more of your processes.

  3. Your blog looks great, Stacy! I love the header. And your Archeology piece is wonderful.

    I need to get my blog up to snuff - too overwhelmed to take the first step.

  4. Hi Stacy-Your Archeology piece is amazing! I can't wait to see it in person.

    Also, I love the new layout of your blog!


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