A time to reap or sew?

Memorial day weekend.
A time when I think I should do something productive considering I have three days back to back, free of work my day job.
So I've done the laundry, mopped the floors, power washed the front of the house (OK that was kinda fun), trimmed the overgrown shrubs. And put out our flags. Now I can go back inside where it's cool...
To This...

Oh dear!

I've been putting it off for months; just working inside the mess creative zone.

You know, like when you need just the right paper (yes, all that you see there is paper, not fabric- isn't it just yummy!) but to find it you must look through your entire rolled up supply.

Today, now that I've finished my chores and THANKS to Robin Atkins and her free ebook I am inspired to bead something. This shelf, the one above it and three tackle boxes must find a place to sit before that 'improvisation' can happen. Which just proves the old adage: Opportunity favors the prepared! *or is that luck?* I'll need both to help clean this place up!

And the table with all that paper on it. I must go slowly and talk gently to each piece as I roll it back up inside its brothers & sisters and promise it can come out again soon.

Well, truthfully I have been rather busy in the sewing room, I just finished a paper calligraphy commission,

I'm currently working on a large (38Wx60L) triptych; been doing some slow cloth on a smaller (16L x 38W) triptych and on top of all that watching Molly the owl raise & fledge her 4 owlets over on Ustream. The owls return to the owlbox during the day so you can still watch them. They are a lovely site to behold. During the day they all sleep as birds do; standing on one leg. They gently sway into each other like downy bowling pins and occasionally they wake and chitter to each other or hold each other's feet and kiss. (oh all right, that's anthropomorphizing but they do hold each others feet and they do get beak to beak) It is so serene to watch.

And my beloved daughter passed her behind the wheel test! Wo0T!

Anyhow; Here's a sneaky peek of one panel of the large triptych.

So now I'm here blogging but not cleaning, so enough of that... must get to cleaning up.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Enjoy your weekend & all the magic it may hold!


  1. Congratulations to your daughter! I wish you success too as you tackle your creative zone!

  2. You have a great space for creation!

  3. Hi Stacy, nice to see your workspace. You must have good light through that big window - I don't have any in my studio. I like the way you hang quilts on your furniture too - great backdrop for them!


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