Oh how I love that word! This piece was recently sold! It is currently on display at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA

Lionfish 22W x 36L

This work was also featured in the Artist Gallery section of 'Embellished Mini Quilts' book by Jamie Fingal who had this to say:

Lionfish is a sight to behold- a beaded masterpiece. (When I first read that I cried)
Orange coral, red anemones, and hand stitching on velvet ribbon give a sense of
movement in the water. Couched yarns and tulle, with clusters of beads, shells,
and pearls gather on the bottom and grow up the sides of this quilted ocean.

This work also features rocks, hundreds of sequins hand embroidery, even doll hair! It took nearly a year to complete and I loved every step with the notable exception of the thousands of beads all over my sewing room tables for that long. My OCD (or more appropriately CDO-as it should be) was really tested.

I like knowing that the pearl motif was made from a necklace that belonged to my grandmother. All of the beading is done by hand and sewn on one. at. a. time. I only stress that, as someone recently wondered how she couldn't see the 'glue'...

I'm overwhelmed that it was purchased while on display at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. (Going on until August 15th) Due to this works high price point I had indicated it was 'NFS' and was so surprised when not one but two serious buyers had emailed me about it. I'll take pictures if the buyer is willing; and share them when the quilt is delivered.

I have other works on display as well:

Silence 36W x 48L

Artist Warrior

Flamingo Walk 17"H x 22"L

Blue Heron (Water Tiger) 17"W x 22"L

Family Corvidae 17"H x 22"L

Group Quilt Celebrating the Long Beach Carousel at the Pike. I designed this 60"W x 60"L quilt. The four other artists are: Rabbit- Cindy Cooksey; Zebra- Julie Schlueter; Horse- Me; Lion - Vicki Valdez; Giraffe- Terry Waldron

Journal Book cover

This show was curated by Jamie Fingal

This show is amazingly well presented! Congrats Jamie for being the 'Featured Artist!'

How awesome is this???

I'll be working our section of the show August 15th from 2 - 4 with my good friend Cindy Cooksey! We are in Building 16. Come on by and say HI!


  1. Congratulations! Your work is gorgeous! Beautiful show!

  2. Congrats on selling that piece. Very exciting, Stacy!

  3. I love that quilt! I also love the "Silence" quilt. (Is that for sale, too?) See you on the 15th.

  4. Stacy, I saw your work at the fairgrounds and had to write down your website information because I was so impressed. You are a wonderful artist and I love the pieces you have on display.

  5. Lionfish is lovely, congrats on selling it, too!

  6. Congratulations on your sale, it is a fantastic feeling:)
    Thanks for putting so many of your pieces in one post. It was fun to see them all together!

  7. Oh they are all so beautiful!!! I am so impressed.


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