PVC Fun!

Here She Is!

The lovely lady who keeps all my unruly tresses in check! She lovingly refers to my haircuts as 'topiary shapings'.
A few years ago she asked me to make her an apron. She wanted it to resemble a corset in the back with a few 'metal' touches resembling L.A. club/scene wear. Recently she asked if I had any more of that fabric. Since I did she requested a 50's style apron. Something shorter and smaller to show off the 50lbs she's lost so far! She gave me some ideas & I took it from there.
The material is called PVC. If you've never worn it I suggest you give it a go. It's best if you get something tight fitting as it loves to hug the curves and make them all shiny but stretches with the body at the same time. PVC is really soft on the shiny side so other things sort of slide over it without interruption. I love the sound it makes when you walk in it. It is made to resemble Latex. But unlike Latex it breathes and you don't have to powder up your skin to get in it or find someone to lube it up after it's on. (to get the shiny)
Problem fabric? You bet. First of all you can't pin it unless you want all those tiny holes to
1.) show and
2.) create weak spots that will further open and tear.
So I use painters tape to lay the pattern out on the material. Then cut it once. It's not necessary to finish the edges.
The next problem with this fabric is that it sticks to any surface other than fabric or paper. So... first I had to put the painters tape on each side and in front of and behind the feed dogs on my machine. Next problem is the presser foot. It was impossible to put the tape under there and have it stay so I used my free motion foot to stitch. Problem there was making sure the fabric had the right amount of tension to create a nice even stitch. It was slow going. When I made her last apron I had to put the sovly stabilizer on top where I was to stitch and hope to heck that it worked as I couldn't then see where I was stitching. Sewing blind no longer meant me just trying to find my glasses! Even though you don't need to finish the edges with hems I did finish it all around with with black lace seam binding that I stitched down with bubblegum pink thread.
The neck strap and ruffle were created with Pink Organdy Ribbon. I hand gathered/pleated the ribbon for the ruffle. Did some stay stitching, then sewed it onto the (rolled) hem. I don't like to do things twice so I rolled the hem while attaching the ribbon. The back tie is Grosgrain ribbon in Bubblegum pink too. I love, love, love the idea that there is this hard edgy apron from the front with this giant pink bow right on the butt! Too cute! Since Trish has a tattoo that reads 'Princess' just below the back of her neck, this color combo seemed perfect. I simply used some pink silk chemise material for the flap insets that reveal her...erm... decolletage. Last thing was to have her try it on so I could place the darts. She didn't want to give it back to me to sew them but I assured her I would return the very next day with her finished apron.
Not much of that fabric left now. She wanted me to make her a real corset but that is sooo beyond my capabilities! I wouldn't mess with bone stays if you paid me not to mention the holes in the back for the laces!
Another sassy apron for my favorite hairdresser. She was happy and assured me her hubbie would be much pleased as well . ;)


  1. Oh, I can see your Furdresser was VERY pleased.

    Topiary shaping..my mom laughed at that..hers is so "just there". She'd love such gorgeous curls as yours. I have some tummy curls though that I show off in my pictures sometimes.

  2. highly attractvie!
    It is good to have your personal Topiary shaper.
    Mom's moved far far far away and she is still grieving.



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