Proud as a Peacock!

I'm so happy to share!  My lovely daughter El is an amazing photographer.  She is also a Photoshop GURU!  She was recently approached by a writer for their school magazine to do an image of him for an article he was writing.  It made the cover!   Her regular photographs have all ready appeared numerous times in the schools yearbook. Their yearbook is consistently rated #1 in the country!  *Go Spartans!*

Isn't it cool?

P.S.  she took this picture of it on her desk. It's not part of the cover but I love how I can see her ipod cordage and my favorite shirt she's borrowed this morning!  :)


  1. Fabulous photo! No wonder the mama is as proud as a peacock!

  2. I see talent runs in the family! :)

  3. She has an "eye," just like her mom.

  4. What talented ladies live at your house!
    Oh and cute and smart and funny too!


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