I'm happy to report that my piece called 'Lower the Bridge!' was accepted into the special exhibit thru Quilts on The Wall to be shown at Long Beach International Quilt Festival 7/2011!  

Here's a little larger sneak peek as I can't show the full shot until the show opens! 


  1. congrats!! That is very exciting but well deserved! Can't wait to see the 'whole' piece!

  2. Oh Stacy you are an amazing artist! I must tell you how much we love the cards we got from you in the auction. I know it has been a while but we have not forgotten about them and hope you will forgive us for being sooooo tardy with our thanks you. We were sorry that the original autumn colored one was not available since that is the one that looks most like me with my big froot bat ears sticking up.
    It is good to know you are a redhead also like me and my mommy...we have rotten tempers...hope you are nice. It was fun to come and feed your fish...we need to visit more...thank you for being our friend...much love to you from the cozy cottage


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