Navigating Inks

The idea here was to plan my 1ft square donation piece.  I knew ahead of time it would be larger so I could be more choosy about where to cut the 12" square.  
I drew some simple circles and part of a Compass Rose.  

Next I diluted the ink and started filling in shapes. 

I first drew them in light pencil; then went over them with ink.  
I was particularly pleased with the orange circle's wash. 

I did mask off the two main radiating arms and use a rubber stamp to put in the design there; but it didn't work as well as I would have liked so I muddied the image in greens and a shimmery off white. Next up was adding words. 

Notice that big white point at the top?  That was a bird I drew, but it looked bad so I painted gesso over it. Then I painted the "A".  the letter looks good but background is not so that entire thing will be cropped off. 

different size fonts.
All done...
maybe.  I might add some large letters in between the green radiating arms.  Not sure.  It was a fun excersize & I keep learning new things in working with this type ink.


  1. Beautiful, Stacy. I love how soft the colors turned out.

  2. OMG! I love it! It looks like it's done on old parchment paper! Love the piece in the post prior to this one, too!

  3. It's wonderful, Stacy! Such an original look, as Lynn said, like it's on old parchment.

  4. It's wonderful to be able to follow your process. I love the feel of this piece.


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