Our Noble Seasons

I'm excited to say that my Winter piece is finished. 
It will debut at Road to California in January and move on to various Mancuso venues.  
The best news is that all four seasons will appear together (for the first time) at two of of the Mancuso shows.

Title: Ice Storm
20"W x 42"L


Here are the other seasons! 

'Fall's Symphony'

"Salmon Upstream"

'Summer in the Kalahari'


  1. Stacey!
    Wow! They are fabulous! I am not sure which one I love the best. whish I could see them up close and personal.
    BTW, keep your eyes peeled for a box for you from me.
    Nellies Mom

  2. Your seasons quilts are beautiful.....

  3. Stacy - fabulous designs and execution! thank you for posting all the seasons together.


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