Prayer Flag Project

Recently I found on Jane Lafazio's blog an invite to participate in some fun!

You can read about (and join) the Prayer Flag Project

Since I was in the mood to do a small, get the inks out and play project this was perfect. 
Plus, the flag in my front yard was shredded.

So I thought I would do something fun!
I am a huge Doctor Who fan
and my prayer flag reflects that!

I hand painted the TARDIS (the ship The Doctor travels around in) and wrote in with a white jelly roll pen the small text.
The larger text was done with a brush.  All FW Acrylic inks but after they heat set they are permanent.


It was a super fun project to do and I can see how addicting making something small like this is!  
(roughly 20" H x 17" W)

It reminds me a bit of doing journal quilts.  You could do one a month with whatever 'prayer' or message you might want.  Hanging them all strung up next to each other as on Miss Jane's Blog is a wonderful way to display them!


  1. What a great idea! I love your Dr. Who! He is one of my heros!
    Nellie's Mom


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