It happens to everyone...

While I'm not stuck at present, 
Today is 'Blog for Peace' day 
and in reading through all my blogroll
(with my extra hour of Daylight Savings) 
I came across two remarkable things.
One is this post from Seth Godin

Don't wait for the right answer and the golden path to present themselves.
This is precisely why you're stuck. Starting without seeing the end is difficult, so we often wait until we see the end, scanning relentlessly for the right way, the best way and the perfect way.
The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path, right now.
Step by step, page by page, interaction by interaction. As you start moving, you can't help but improve, can't help but incrementally find yourself getting back toward your north star.
You might not end up with perfect, but it's significantly more valuable than being stuck.
Don't just start. Continue. Ship. Repeat.

The second amazing thing was found on my friend Kea's site
Fuzzy Tales
She included a quote from the Talmud for Peace Day

"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.  Do justly, now. Love mercy, now.  Walk humbly, now.  You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it."


I have italicized and underlined the two sentences that ping in me and I recognize the similarity of the two sentiments.

Where you are.

By lamenting the entirety of what you survey
you lock yourself up

Paralysis thru analysis

Action Conquers Fear
Create it! 
Become your own Action Figure
What would you call yourself?
What costume would you wear?
What would be your trademark power?

Peace Out!


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