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In November my cactus of 4 years that I rescued from a trash can at a nearby office decided to grace me with her glorious self!  (I think Poppet helped)

Also in November I taught here!

A darling little quilt store with some to.die.for Japanese fabrics as well as
many Moda's etc... 
My assitant took some photos!

It was super fun!  There was lots of laughing and when the stencils came out
the creativity exploded! 
We were so busy having a great time I wasn't able to get more pictures. 
:( on me!

There were lots of handmade gifts and CatNip Quilts going out in December and I'm happy the holidays are over.

In the Art Group I belong to
The First Friday Artists,
we celebrate birthdays. We each chose a theme and our fellow artists can interpret it any way they like.

Vickie Valdez Green's theme was 'Art Nouveux'
Here is my gift to her entitled
"Not my Chat Noir"

It's roughly 10" x 12"
At one of our meetings joanell taught us how to make quick stencils using freezer paper or contact paper, the nimbus around the kitty's head is that stencil. 
The kitty is black fabric with a lovely black sheer that has silver balls & holographic tiny squares on it.  I machine quilted the 'art nouveaux' motif of Peacock Feathers.
The side strip was actually remants from making my quilted kitty face cards.  I simply stitched the 'mini quilt' down onto the blue. 

Here is it's receipient, my favorite Vet and good buddy, Vickie

The next theme was Joanell's 'Self Portrait'
I admit I was really not wanting to do this.  I detest any type of
'self characterization' in my own quilts as I can't do it well. I lack the 'whimsical' gene
So I sucked it up, went online and found this chic hairstyle graphic (that resembles my own current style) I traced it on freezer paper, put it on black fabric and cut it out.  Then used Misty fuse to put on here.  The bird was already printed so I cut him out & stuck him on my head. There are clocks resembling me always mindful of time and broken words, keys, etc that remind me so often of 1000 things left undone or lost in the rush of days. 
The most fun was using my positive/negative tree stencils! 

Here is joanell the recipient
It's not an overly large piece but recently I took the stencils to kinkos and now they are GIANT!
I can't wait to use them on the project I'm currently working on
(which has to remain under wraps).
That's it for now!
Thanks for stoppin by!


  1. These are excellent! Your creativity is spilling over into my head!
    Nellie's Mom


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