Watercolor Class with Jane LaFazio

I have always, always wanted to learn to watercolor.  Aside from 'messing around' with watercolor  pencils for calligraphy pre-sketches and coloring stamped images I really have never had what I would call 'real training'.
One of my favorite Quilt Artists is Jane LaFazio
She does a lot of online classes in various things and while facebooking one night she posted she had a few openings left in her watercolor class so I checked it out and it was very inexpensive (basically 10 bucks a lesson) and the supply list was gleefully short which for a working single parent spelled YAY to me!  So off I went. 

There are six lessons in total.  I have only completed 5 as the most recent was just given this past Thursday and I usually wait till the weekend to devote daylight hours to my projects.  

Here are my journal pages from the first 5.  

lesson one; find some fruit (this proved to difficult, I had to go buy some.  All I had was raspberries & I wasn't about to start with something as complex as that! LOL)
The apricot I like & shading of pinky rose on the pear... The apple not so much.

part two of Lesson 1
and exploring composition (sort of)

Lesson 3 was leaves or greens
I chose some random leaf thing from the plant outside my office and a part of my Christmas cactus that got gnawed off by the Bengal.

 I think that sprig on the right was my best effort thus far.

Part of one lesson was drawing with your non dominant hand; (in my case that would be my left hand) here is my attempt at a bird skull.

 And having been defeated by 'leftie drawing'  I decided to go back and try more pears and some fun composition

and some more 'greens work' using some broccoli.
I need more dark shading and certainly still have issues with leaving 'whites' in there.  

Next lesson was Flowers
This was fun as it gave me an excuse to use my Home Depot Gift Card I got at Christmas
Here's (some) of what I bought: (my Christmas cactus had already bloomed out)

And here's my page start to finish
pencil first

then ink

then paint

and done!

Here's a card I did (5x7) for a gift exchange

Last lesson is machines
Or, things that are symmetrical
I haven't started yet as I just got my very own first laptop last night and have been 
insanely happy and playing with it all last night & today.  And NO I will not be choosing it for 
 last lesson.  All those buttons would be far too daunting for me! LOL

Thanks for stoppin by! 


  1. Stacy! Wow! You have picked up water color fast! What a wonderfully delicate touch you have!


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