On My Design Wall today

Philip Jacobs and Kaffe Fasset Cats!
Ok so first I learned that it's prounounced 'Calf' not kaffee (rhymes with daffy) ;)

I had this idea, with the cat shape I designed.  The centers that looks like little eggs are actually mousies, their tails and ears will be stitched in.

These were quickly put up with no thought to exact spacing just yet. 

The entire 'flower' is 2 1/2 feet across. 
Yes; most of them were strategically placed so the pattern accentuates the kitten. 

 I'm toying with two ideas for background;
1.) A dresden plate.  Each petal will be the opposing solids.  (i.e. hot cats on cool strips; cool cats on hot strips)
Two of my favortes ^ are this one and this one^

The other is to just have it be a solid white background.  Very 'modern' looking with just the two giant cat posies.  (maybe one offshoot with a 'bud'(weetinykitten)
I could do single stems and a couple leaves. 

It was loads of fun cutting these out.  It was even more fun when my own 'kitten addled' brain realized I could lay my pattern over four or five layers of prefused 6" x 10" rectangles and cut five at once! LOL AND the cats and mice come out of the same rectangle so it saves my hoarding stash of  Rowan Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs layer cake by precuts.

I'm totally in love with this quilt already! As an added bonus there is some cut excess that I think will make a darling border if I can work it right.  I'll toy with that later & let you know how it worked.

Happy DEEElightful sewing!   


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