Practicing. ..sort of

someday I will have ALL the star sparkle colors! 

These are some brush markers I picked up to use. Sadly, all the ones I had from 20 years ago were dried up.  Can you believe that?  They just don't make 'em like they used to! LOL

A while ago I was playing with stencils and FW Acrylic Inks. I created a bunch of backgrounds to practice calligraphy on as well as show students what amazing results you can get with a few simple tools.  It's important I find that when you are learning calligraphy on fabric you have some basis to put your words on.  Not just plain material.  Stencils are a great way to create simple backgrounds that you can 'tuck' your writing into and leave space for other interesting stitching to go. 

I love playing like this.  You never know what you'll find. I was trying to make a mask but then got carried away and realized it was really a silly bird like thing. 

looking at this really small like this I also see an elephant head.  

then upon pivoting the design I could see the bird more clearly. 
And so I added legs and glittery feathers. 

Then I realized a bird probably wouldn't like the term 'plucked' so I changed it.  It's silly and the exercise is moot given I wasn't supposed to wasting time doing this right now. 
However I suppose no effort is really in vain; It gave me a chance to unrap my new pens, get to know them a bit before my class on Sunday and spend some time away from all the sads on facebook right now. 


  1. I WANT!!! You sell it to me, pretty please?

    1. LOL Tonya! If you really want it let me finish it for you. It needs to be stitched and then put on stretched canvas as a frame. Let me know. ;)

  2. this is lovely,you do beautiful work,xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. I love your concept art.

    At The Imaginary Garden we often showcase online artists, if ever you are interested in sharing.


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