Some Distraction activity

I've been experimenting with making bags.  I love a good bag and while I prefer small ones;
10" x 10" or smaller, lots of folks need larger ones.  So good for me! I get to play around with fun fabrics like this darling cat library fabric below:  
I encourage you to enlarge it and read the titles.  Too cute!
Then I found these darling neon houndstooth cats (and birds) and thought, wouldn't they be cute with some ribbon accents? 

My friend Vickie gave me the cat fabric below:  I fell in love with the painterly print and co-opted it with the Zen chic jelly roll strips I had layin around.

Then last night I played around with a new bag style altogether.  This is a drawstring bag with a single wrist strap.  I had hoarded some delightful chicken fabrics and thought they would be perfect for this style. 

Lots of fun!
Happy Sewing!


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