Sacred Threads 2015!

I'm so excited to share my two entries that were both accepted into the Sacred Threads exhibition this year! 

First  is 'Sentinel"
Raven guards the Tree of the Cosmos

materials used; black cotton; black velvet, black sparkly holographic tulle. White cotton.  
Machine embroidery, hand painted and stenciled. 


 'Raven Emerges' 

This was originally a throw away piece.  I found the half yard of fabric that had a fabulous color contrast from super light to super dark.  I cut it up and inverted the contrast for interest. 

The Raven is made of paper that was mod podged.  I then added splatter paint, and extra pieces of the treated paper.  Finally I added quilting lines that followed the creases in the treated paper. 
monochrome is hard to photograph! 

(in process shot)


I'm so happy and honored to be included again this year in this fabulous and moving exhibit.  


  1. This is beautiful Stacy! Congrats on being (deservedly) included.

  2. Beautiful work! You must be so proud!

  3. Those are BOTH Gorgeous! Is the Raven your spirit animal?
    You have such an affinity for them.

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