October Koi Commission

The lovely clients who purchased my Gears pieces commissioned me to create a two-piece Koi  based on my quilted one  *see 'that damned fish' label or 'koi finished'

I decided since it would be mounted on canvas similar to the gears I would make one long piece and simply cut it in half. 
Here is the Koi that I fused the Tim Holtz assemblage printed tissue in a koi shape to muslin. I'm experimenting with placement. 

The black squares represent where there will be cutouts. I painted the branches and added white paper flowers so there will be a 3D effect

Adding color to the petals and flowers 

placing on the canvas to get ideas for finishing 

detail of paper flowers highlighting where they were beaded down

Almost done!  Adding  tulle water 
And done! 
It was lovely delivering it to them and watching them hang it in the spot they had already prepared. 


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