Saturday, February 11, 2017

Posca Marker Tutorial

Quick tutorial of Posca marker on fabric
in this case, batik that was pretreated with Jacquard's no-flow.  I explain process in vid.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below and I will answer! Thanks for watching! 


  1. Stacy, this was a tremendously engaging tutorial. If you had not said that it was your first video tutorial, one could never guess it. Great job and thanks for sharing your technique using Posca markers.

  2. Thank you Linda! You are always so kind and supportive! It really matters and I appreciate you!

  3. I agree with Linda! Well done! But I do have several questions and a suggestion...if I may?
    Do you put No Flow( was that the name ?) on the whole prayer flag, or just the part you want to stamp? I was searching all over Art Supply Warehouse earlier today and did not see Posca you know who else carries them? What is the name of the no-stick sheet that works so well? You said it, but I missed it. My suggestion, should you be doing more of these "Go Make Something" videos...I loved the way you laid the marker so we could see the would be very cool if you had a long-lasting shot with all the products used or a list of same in the "credits". Thank you for the how to! Can't wait to try the Posca markers....if I can find them! The prayer flags are lovely!

    1. Hi Peggy!. Posca can be found online at jet pens ot dick blick. The no dlow is painted over the entire surface. The craft sheet is by Ranger and can be found at Michaels or at Amazon. Thanks for all your commenta and iseas. I figured folks could pause the video to write down the products but I have seen other vloggers put all the supplies in the post itself.

  4. Excellent tutorial. I am eager to try this now even though I have a bunch of other projects started. :)