Magic Nine Patch

Well, it's only taken two years to get back to this idea. I saw this in a friends book all about the nine patch. Fell in love with those tiny squares in the middle. Love how they just float there. So; I had just moved into the master bedroom; painted it; put up drapes, decorated it and wanted something for the bed. Cut all these as 2 1/2 strips two years ago; made 21 blocks & when they all turned out the wrong size I put it all away. The strips all hung on a pants hangar in the closet. There were LOTS of strips. There are still LOTS of strips left over but I'm not making this any bigger. Right now it will finish at 54" x 54". (Can you hear me say 'HOLY CRAP'! not another big one!) Anyhow; here are the blocks I made today; I'll start sewing rows tomorrow.

Would love to hear ideas for a border if necessary & binding.

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